Contract Services

We are a design company and, as such, Tosconova is proud of its cooperation with prestigious hotels and resorts. Working closely with architects and designers, the company has acquired a great experience in the creation of luxury interior. The whole staff is at the customers’ disposal to propose adequate solutions both for style and budget.

The whole production cycle, from the rendering during the planning phase to the realization of the finished products, is effected entirely inside our laboratories, and this allows us to guarantee the best result.

Planning Assistance

We are at our customers’ side during the delicate phase of planning, giving support to architects and designers so as their vision welcomes a concrete reality .
Through a direct confrontation with our technical staffduring the planning phase, it will be possible to select the best solution for every realization.

Production & Quality Control

The production is a decisive moment and our ISO 9001 Certified Production System guarantees every single passage .

Installation and after sale control

We like to take care of our products and safeguard our customers throughout the supply chain. For this reason we personally take care of the delivery to the customers’ premises and the installation of all our products.

Three strong pillars:


The experience acquired with the realization of projects targeted on luxurious hotels has created a unique know-how always guaranteeing ax excellent result . All the products are made to resist in time , this way creating a solid base for Contract projects.


Through uncountable possibilities of customization it is possible to modify the product in any moment on the base of a determined project, also by adapting times and budget to specific requests. Customization for a granted success.


Tosconova follows personally the customers in every phase of the project from their first ideas to the definitive installation. All this is possible thanks to TDlab, pulsing heart of the company and real concentrate of excellence concerning our professionals . No detail will be left to chance.

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