The Carpentry is devoted to the whole Tosconova line production. The collections, after all, are the result of passion, desires and ideas born exactly from individual projects.

Great is the amount that every time we invest in last generation machinery and innovative technologies. The best wood is personally chosen by expert and clever craftsmen, with the maximum respect for the traditional work and Nature, considered the form of Art par excellence.


The upholstery has been the first one to be developed. Giovanni Michelacci, the founder of the company, has begun in 1963 right from the development of hand-made upholstered furniture.

The first step towards a high standard of success which has soon become the symbol of every department par excellence.


The technical Lighting department characterized by the uniqueness of our production completes and enriches Tosconova furnishings.

Expert craftsmen model and assemble components and materials with devotion and care inside a specialized laboratory, expression of contemporary art.


Tosconova design team takes care of every aspect of creation: from design to production. A team able to create a harmonious fusion between creativity and technique: engineers, architects and designers , all work employing the same language.

We believe that only cooperating is possible to aim to the uniqueness of each of our projects: listening to personal needs is the best way to find the right inspiration to realize a real chef-d’-oeuvre.

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