Clean shape, comfortable seating, and soft tissue in an essential bichromatic environment, characterized by neutral elegant tones.

Lungarno 220 Table

Lungarno 220 table is the essence of the ideal table. It embodies aesthetic balance and high-level craftsmanship. The Canaletto walnut wood version enhances the overall table look thanks to its unique wood grain.

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Essence as the universal nature of every single thing. Woods, fabrics, metals… each of them has its own personality. The materials’ choice determines the result of a design element making it ordinary or interesting, comfortable or unpleasable. Materials’ essence is the very first feature we consider. Chosen for its individuality, material definitely enhances every unique project: no frills or unnecessary processing.

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Lungarno Bookcase

Lungarno bookcase is an incredible piece of Italian design featuring an exceptional silhouette made of Canaletto walnut wood. The beautiful metal handles and the modern lines make it just ideal for any space.

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Sixty Canaletto Chair

Sixty Canaletto chair has a brand-new, exclusive look that embodies modernity with a touch of timeless style. The wide backrest and armrests gracefully embrace the seat, with the best sitting comfort guaranteed but the shell. The slender legs, available choosing among the many Tosconova wood finishes, seem to lift the chair.

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TT05 Rug

TT05 rug boasts pure hand-tufted bamboo silk material. The hand-tufted technique results in linear patterns, Greek decorations, and elegant style details. It is customizable choosing among many available colors and can also be ordered in an exclusive hand-knotted version. The hand-knotted carpet is a high-luxury sartorial and artisanal item, made of top-quality raw materials.

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