Clean shape, comfortable seating, and soft tissue in an essential bichromatic environment, characterized by neutral elegant tones matched with vibrant black colour.

Aspen Canopy bed

Aspen Canopy bed characterized by a unique design and tailor-made details like the “split” headboard and the faceted legs and structure, for a sophisticated piece of furniture of high-level Italian craftsmanship.

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Aspen nightstand

Aspen nightstand is the epitome of elegance. In fact, it is exceptionally appealing thanks to the glass covering on all his sides. Completely customizable choosing among Tosconova finishes, it is the pure essence of elegance.

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Zeno table lamp

Zeno table lamp boasts geometric but classic lines resulting in a super-refined design. Unique and sophisticated, it features a body in a galvanic metal finish that can be customized to fit in any space.

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Nelly with joint table lamp

Nelly with joint table lamp is endowed with something very special: its geometric design makes it perfect to fit in any exclusive space. The body in galvanic metal finish, customizable choosing among different galvanic finishes, consists of several parts thus becoming a stylish and very functional chic item.

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Portrait desk with drawers

Portrait desk with drawers has very functional, large drawers and is perfect to enhance the bedroom look in an extraordinary way. Fully customizable choosing among Tosconova finishes, it is a very charming piece of furniture.

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Fifty chair

Fifty chair boasts a design clearly inspired by the captivating vintage furniture and has a fresh and exclusive look that embodies modernity with a touch of timeless style. Details like the stylish dark metal legs and the velvet fabric make it an eye-catching piece of furniture ready to enhance any space.

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Swing pouf

Swing pouf is a unique beautiful piece of furniture perfect to enhance any space decorated following modern design. The high padded seat ensures comfort and leans on a metal base of whimsical and romantic aesthetics.

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Witton armchair

Witton armchair is a fierce piece of Italian design, inspired by the iconic aesthetics of the 50s. The structure is made of metal and a unique padded back seat with stitching and matching buttons makes it look simply unique.

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TT17 rug

TT17 rug involves high-level craftsmanship in the production process. It is hand-knotted and made of precious wool, cotton, and jute resulting in a velvety and pleasant-to-touch aesthetics. Customizable in two colors, it can totally change the look of any space.

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