Essence as the universal nature of every single thing. Woods, fabrics, metals… each of them has its own personality. The materials’ choice determines the result of a design element making it ordinary or interesting, comfortable or unpleasable.

Materials’ essence is the very first feature we consider. Chosen for its individuality, material definitely enhances every unique project: no frills or unnecessary processing.


Elegant, soft, and cozy fabrics with plain or refined finishes to dress up your projects.


From wood to metal, this selection collects all these materials with endless opportunities to mix.


Handmade in Tuscany exclusively from talented light engineers and craftsmen, the Tosconova Lampshades collection lets the customers create a personalized light that is tailored to the very own custom-made style.


Purity, longevity, the gorgeous white color and the Italian heritage stone working craftsmanship are the main reason why Italian marble is thought as superior.

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