About Tosconova

Living room and neutral palette: where space is colored by life’s moments

If there's one thing that never goes out of fashion, it's the 'neutral style design.' However, if we don't want to fall into interior trends clichés or base our spaces on potentially others' opinions, let's consider that there are other well-studied reasons to design in neutral tones. The first one? The emotions they convey and the ones they encourage us to evoke in our life's moments, because the most crucial design element of any environment will always be the people who inhabit it. Emotion, indeed, is an abstract aspect of design only on the surface, and there are entire philosophies that believe in a profound connection between human interiors and interior design: Feng Shui, for instance, asserts that spaces, the furnishings within them, their arrangement, and their colors possess their own life force.

To create this elegant living, the luxury design company Tosconova began by embracing the most philosophical sense of design, interpreting the neutral palette as a gravitational center of peace, comfort and refinement, but also as an act of generosity: an invite to be be colored with the shades of our lives, filled with pleasant afternoons of reading, vibrant conversations or elegant parties. To be even adorned with precious silence.

If the living room is the heart of the house, the Sofa Moritz by Tosconova is the heart of this elegant living space. Characterized by its simple yet refined lines, sinuous shapes, and a soft white Lugano fabric upholstery, the Moritz sofa exudes comfort, luxury, and serenity, and even more: its Anice wooden structure adds elegance and, above all, warmth to the neutral palette, creating a thread of enveloping sensations with the Canaletto walnut wooden structure of the Tazio small table, which features a fine and irregular glass surface, and the Lungarno library, an elegant piece of furniture in its shape and dynamic in its structure of drawers and shelves.

Rediscovering these shared features in each piece of furniture is what makes the space feel welcoming and harmonious. It’s also what transforms the living room designed by Tosconova into the perfect environment for our lives.

This deliberate play of perfect connections comes to life inside the expansive carpet by Tosconova, the Cubotto pouf in Maiori fabric, and through the elegant cushions. Even the use of metal and marble materials, reinterpreted in the Tosconova round Brass ST table, is a fully intentional part of the neutral palette, adding an interesting tactile dimension to it.

The yellow color stands out: despite its association with earthy and neutral tones, its presence in this living room has a different purpose. As both the Feng Shui philosophy and Tosconova support, yellow symbolizes ‘creativity and optimism’ in the home decor vocabulary. It integrates itself into the space much like a vivid oxymoron does within a phrase: creating a harmonious contrast with the all-white aesthetic and drawing attention to positive emotions such as happiness. Alternatively, if the choice is blue, it invokes peacefulness, or even a sense of determination when we opt for red. This gives life to a repeatable design formula that can be customized according to the emotions we wish to celebrate.

The color yellow is worn by the Matisse table lamp, a design piece created in collaboration with Ceramiche Pecchioli company, and the armchair Witton by Tosconova, characterized by a distinct brass structure, the Giotto velvet coating and iconic buttons, combined to create a highly comfortable and visually striking design element. The same velvet is also echoed in the only yellow pillow of the room.

But if this color has the power to bring sunshine into our lives, the neutral palette has the capacity to reflect and enhance natural light, amplifying the overall sense of the size of the space and its welcoming feature.

A neutral palette can represent limitless design possibilities: a blank canvas to be colored with the moments of our lives, a serene oasis, a space where comfort and elegance are protagonists, a stage for optimism and sunlight. It can embody all of these aspects in addition to being a trendy choice. However, if we don’t want to base our furniture selection on the design trends of the moment, let’s consider that Tosconova’s furniture is designed to live only in the present one.