About Tosconova

Made in Tuscany design: between Florentine history and contemporary life

There is good taste, the attitude to always recognize beautiful things, and then there is the Italian taste, which is the ability to create beauty. It is appreciated all over the world and synonymous with excellence: Italian taste extends the definition of beauty to the quality of materials, processing techniques, and, nowdays, the impact of a product on people’s lives and environment as well. Indeed, the concept of beauty evolves constantly; it is functional for contemporary needs and empathetic toward new relevant topics, such as sustainability. However, Italian taste and Tosconova style too, are defined by another essential aspect: Italian ancient history.

The Made in Italy label used to indicate the geographical origin of a product until the 80s. Only after, its meaning became related to the precious artistic tradition of the country, to the ancient shops and their artisans, and to the richness and variety of materials of the territory. In this sense, Tosconova positions itself within ‘Made in Tuscany,’ right in the heart of Florence.

The Company creates design furniture in the authentic Tuscan and Florentine styles. It celebrates ancient craftsmanship, meticulous attention to details, high-quality materials like wood and marble, and architectural shapes of Florence’s heritage. It embraces a regional color palette, including the red of medieval villages, the gray-blue of sandstone, the white of Carrara marble, the ochre of Pietraforte, the green that adorns Florence, and the black that symbolizes wrought iron. All of these elements evoke warm, sophisticated, welcoming, and timeless urban atmospheres. Moreover, when applied by Tosconova to the world of luxury furniture, they play a significant role in creating harmonious, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environments.

When Tosconova ‘sculpts, models, and paints’ furniture, it envisions them within the room they will adorn. This is the essence of having an overarching perspective: to recognize that furniture interacts with spaces and transforms them. For example, each piece of furniture casts its shadow on floors, walls, and even ceilings when it comes to Tosconova’s lighting, adding an additional decorative touch to rooms.
This overarching perspective highlights the difference between the beauty of the Santo Spirito Basil in Florence and the charm of the entire square that hosts it. It also underscores the distinction between the beauty of Tosconova’s Charlotte floor lamp, with its curved wooden structure, and the beauty of the entire environment it personalizes with its presence and its shadow projections.

Also, the harmonious combination of round and clear lines of the Lena armchair suggests a Brunelleschi influence. The upholstery is beige, warm, and welcoming just like Florence is. Tosconova realizes and selects only high-quality fabrics in line with the Made in Tuscany standard. It plays with natural colors, decorations, and precious materials, such as velvet, inspired by the Renaissance atmosphere.

Tosconova’s passion for the past and Florentine craftsmanship intersects with its love for life, resulting in a design thatis sensitive to people’s wellness, in line with the contemporary idea of italian taste.

It is an unquestionable rule within the company’s laboratories; a beautiful piece of furniture must combine aesthetic beauty with a spiritual one.

Tosconova interprets Italian taste in Made-in-Tuscany fine furniture. It honors Florentine craftsmanship without forgetting contemporary aesthetic demands, celebrates the colors of Florence and Tuscany, and embraces with wonder and empathy any changes in the world.