New Galvanic

New Galvanic open a new generation for the metal finishes. As in a galvanic process, the steel components are coated with another noble metal.


Precious materials and contemporary taste are represented in Materic finishes. Materic finishes can be applied on wood and metal.


Our lacquers has a rich deep look to create reflections of light as a glossy application. Lacquered finishes can be applied on wood, metal or glass.


Contemporary and elegant lacquered finishes with an matte look and a textile effect surface.


The Wood finishes leave the characteristics of the wood unaltered, enhancing its beauty and uniqueness.


Thanks to the interaction between color and tannin, these finishes highlight the essence of the oak without altering its natural surface.


Our collections are made with noble materials auch as brass. These materials guaranteein high quality and long life to the galvanic finish.

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