Planning wine cellars: design, furniture and colors

To plan wine cellars, i.e. design, furniture, colors and all that, is a real journey. Tenute del Cerro, B-sign architetti Firenze and Tosconova decided to start it together and results have proved them right. When planning and decorating high-end wine cellars that are often rooted in decades of history, designers and architects must be hyper-aware of both the functional and aesthetical sides of the project, thus approaching the niche knowledge behind it.

Ph. Ivan Rossi Courtesy Targetti Sankey spa

Tenute del Cerro mean hundreds of years of wine history, many acres of pristine forest, international prestige, some of the best vineyards in Tuscany and a strategic position. Plus oenologists and other wine professionals, research, innovation and, how could it be otherwise, sustainability. All of this has been celebrated at Fattoria del Cerro wine cellar and enhanced by the partnership between two other Tuscan high-end realities: B-sign and Tosconova.

B-sign architetti Firenze, architectural firm in Florence, has taken care of it all, rethinking the wine cellar spaces with the aim of evoking the spirit of the place, lining up with the need of the client and coming down to understanding their style. Special attention has been paid to chromatic choices and natural materials and that’s when B-sign has decided to partner with Tosconova as they share the very same values.

Tosconova provides the highest level of craftmanship when it comes to furniture and design. To share the same philosophy with B-sign has meant an approach to design based on total customization and seeing materials first-hand – as opposed to some firm’s recent practice of online catalogues. Furthermore, B-sign could visit Tosconova production laboratories and, again, see with their own eyes that Italian artisanship they were looking for.

B-sign architects have chosen velvet green Vivi armchairs and Tazio small table so to create a sitting room right at the entrance of the wine cellar. Then they set up another sitting space right in front of an astonishing wine wall, with Curva sofa in grey, Lady armchairs in yellow and the geometric shapes of Teo small table. Sixty chairs have been selected in yellow, orange and burgundy to enrich sampling tables. All colors follow a wine & nature path: green stands for nature, yellow for the sun, orange and burgundy clearly refer to wine.

As nature and wine easily lead to aesthetically balanced design choices, it is essential to pay attention and listen, especially when planning the design of wine cellars. As partners, B-sign and Tosconova have worked towards optimizing the wonderful environmental and professional context of Tenute del Cerro. It has definitely lead to a high-level result you must see first-hand.

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