Curva divani frontale Tosconova 01
Curva divani trequarti Tosconova 02
Curva divani dettaglio Tosconova 03
Curva divani dettaglio Tosconova 04
Curva divano Tosconova
Curva divano over Tosconova
Curva divani dettaglio Tosconova 04_
Curva divani dettaglio Tosconova 03_

Curva Sofa


The Italian word for “curve”, Curva, has been chosen to name this beautiful piece. The Curva is our take on a classic, gorgeous round-shaped sofa range. The design silhouette is soft and round, combined with lovely, thoroughly thought-out details in the form of a characteristic backrest and solid metal legs.

Technical Details

Curva Sofa technical sheet Tosconova (.pdf) - Download
Curva Sofa Tosconova 2D (.dwg) - Login
Curva Sofa Tosconova 3D (.3ds) - Login

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