Lungarno panchetta frontale Tosconova 01
Lungarno panchetta trequarti Tosconova 02
Lungarno panchetta dettaglio Tosconova 03
Lungarno panchette e pouff Tosconova
Lungarno panchette e pouff Tosconova over
Lungarno panchetta dettaglio Tosconova 03_

Lungarno bench


Lungarno bench is a tailor-made piece of furniture with solid wooden legs customizable in many different finishes. The sitting space is symmetrically placed under the elegant curvy-shaped cushion. The Lungarno bench boasts elegant forms and a timeless design.

Technical Details

Lungarno Bench technical sheet Tosconova (.pdf) - Download
Lungarno Bench Tosconova 2D (.dwg) - Login
Lungarno Bench Tosconova 3D (.3ds) - Login

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