Lungarno tavolini frontale Tosconova 01
Lungarno tavolini trequarti Tosconova 02
Lungarno tavolini dettaglio Tosconova 03
Lungarno tavolini dettaglio Tosconova 04
Lungarno tavolini Tosconova
Lungarno tavolini over Tosconova
Lungarno tavolini dettaglio Tosconova 04_
Lungarno tavolini dettaglio Tosconova 03_

Lungarno small table

Lungarno small table is a piece of Italian design inspired by the modern Tuscan style. A majestic piece of furniture made of Canaletto walnut wood with an extremely elegant silhouette, it features a top that can be customized with outstanding finishes in Carrara marble, wood, or dark glass.

Technical Details

Lungarno Small Table technical sheet Tosconova (.pdf) - Download
Lungarno Small Table Tosconova 2D (.dwg) - Login
Lungarno Small Table Tosconova 3D (.3ds) - Login

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