Therapeutic design: the Tosconova ‘total look’ transforms some residences in Bologna into islands of peace and relaxation.

Exciting, thrilling and sometimes exhausting: this is how any citizen will describe their lifestyle, adding that in order to compensate for the hustle and bustle of the city, it is necessary to have an opposite, secluded place of peace and deep relaxation: home.

The furniture company Tosconova has applied the ‘total look’ concept to the world of design to transform some flats in a historic Bolognese building into islands of tranquility, selecting furniture, finishes, lighting, curtains and fabrics, all produced by Tosconova.

A precise range of colours is the leitmotif of the project, chosen with sensitivity and taste to colour the future owner’s life with positive feelings: grey is like a cushion that welcomes us with softness, olive green, belonging to the earthy palette, evokes peace and comfort, and yellow, an opposite shade, gives sunshine. Without forgetting the touch of authenticity and nature that comes from the use of wood, metal, marble and fabric.

The organisation of the furniture has also been carefully studied, as well as the lighting design and the curtains, still by Tosconova.

Within the walls of these apartments, thanks to a 360° interior design project, everything speaks of hospitality and peace: time hasn’t stood still, but flows at the right rhythm.


An airy living room, designed with high comfort furnishings, enhances the iconic Italian togetherness, but also the “dolce far niente” philosophy dreamt of by those who have just returned from a full day in Bologna: attention is drawn to the precious Tosconova Lanai sofa with its Siena coating, coordinated with the curtains in neutral tones, the Gem ceiling lights with natural linen lampshades, the warm and elegant wood of the floor, the legs of the Tazio small table and the sumptuous Lungarno library.

The element of sunshine and energy, the colour yellow, is interpreted by the Witton armchair with its iconic Giotto coating and by the Matisse table lamp, created in collaboration with the Italian company Ceramiche Pecchioli.


But our emotional tour has only just begun: the dining room is simple but very chic, thanks to the design details and finishes: the wood of the Tazio table and the Sixty chairs, the choice of marbles and fabrics, the olive green of the Milano vintage sideboard, which gives the environment a touch of professionalism.

The Giotto chandelier with its natural linen lampshade and the Vintage stools complete the look.


The bedroom is presented in shades of grey, the ideal neutral colour for moments of pure relaxation.

It’s composed of the Tornabuoni bed, with its vintage and fine lines accompanied by the fine Medici sheet set, the precious Fay chair in Orosei finish, the minimal and modern Portrait desk, the two Brass st bedside tables and the Joel chandelier.

Living room, dining room, bedroom. Three different environments, however there’s only one fil rouge: serenity. Because when we talk about the city life, the home becomes an occasion of peace. Here, colours and furnishings, if chosen critically, tastefully and with a strong overall vision, are a reflection of precise emotions and perceptions, as well as allies in organising spaces to perfection first, and our thoughts immediately afterwards.