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Elegant Atmosphere

In this winter let inspire you by yellows touches. We have no doubt that the interiors world is lighting up for spicy shades. Select all grey neutrals and match them with brilliant and stylish colour like yellow of Witton armchair.
02_ Neri divano frontale Tosconova

Additionally, select dark wooden components like Club small tables or Club sideboard, a soft dark marble effect carpet and lovely metal lamps like Chloè floor lamp. The warmth and elegance they infuse into a room are simply exquisite, and the range of hues within this trend is remarkably versatile. There is a multitude of ways to incorporate touches of spicy shades into any room in your home even with the paintings. Here is our proposal for furniture that we use to get this style.


The easiest way to lean into the trend is by choosing the right sofa. The Neri sofa is the perfect blend of a sleek silhouette and soft shapes that create an outstanding seating comfort. The sofa is characterized by a base in strong solid wood, yet its expression is softened by the particularly comfortable padded seating leading directly to the unique armrest. The Neri sofa is upholstered in Twiga textile. For the base, we chose the Nero Wood colour, a wonderful deep tone, but it is available in different colours.


The Club base sideboard is a statement-making piece made of oak wood. This item features two neat front doors and two side drawers. The expression is defined with extremely beautiful front metal handle. For the Club base sideboard, we chose the Wengè Wood colour, with Newgalvanic Nickel SS handle but it is available in different colours. These tones make a great base for building a rich tonal look by layering furnishings and accessories in spicy shades.

03_witton poltrona Tosconova


The Witton armchair is a fierce Italian design item inspired by historical 50 lines. It has a structure made by metal and a unique padded backseat, with bottoms details.

As Witton feature a minimalist and squared design can be judiciously highlighted by a rich fabric such as yellow Giotto velvet. Sophisticated and versatile the Witton armchair is the perfect one to follow this style.

The dark marble style carpet makes a great base for enriching and brings luxury in all the living room.


The Swing armchair is a unique beautiful piece of furniture with unusually good seating comfort. The design is simple and completely rounded. The Swing is a revolving armchair that adds exquisite quality to any home.

We have chosen to mix grey Giotto velvet for the front and Twiga textile for back and piping. The Base is in Materic Piombo MDB finish. We have used a tonal colour palette that is the key to creating a peaceful, balanced vibe in your room, and can be easily added to with accessories.


The Club base small table is a statement-making piece made of oak wood. This item features an outstanding customizable glass top structured on a wooden base. Here the Club Base small table is in wengè oak finish with dark glass top.


The Chloè floor lamp is a brand new piece designed with geometric as well as classic lines inspirations. The style is indeed unique and sophisticated, especially for its body in galvanic metal finish. The galvanic finish can be customized accordind to your very personal need, too. All Lampshades are entirely customizable with colors and/or textiles of Tosconova range.

07_Club tavolini Tosconova