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How to align home décor details

Home décor details such as fabrics and colors are one of the most interesting and debated topic when it comes to furnish, decorate and even renovate a house, an office or any space that is somewhat important for us. Working tirelessly on research and development Tosconova tries to come up with ideas that can be useful for anyone looking for a fil rouge in their home décor choices. And those ideas often revolve around fabrics and colors.

Both elements, fabrics and colors, are often bound to each other, as choosing a fabric may mean choosing a texture but also a nuance, while colors may change a lot according to the fabric they inhabit. Since years, Tosconova has found the ideal partner, Dedar, an upscale, avant-garde textile company that believes in R&D the way Tosconova does and that has been focusing on timeless style, craftmanship, and social responsibility.

Moritz Sofa

The partnership results in pieces of furniture such as Moritz Sofa, part of the new collection by Tosconova and boasting eco-flock upholstery – an eco-sustainable and cruelty-free solution to goose feathers – that blends classy, outstanding aesthetics and comfort. Sheer light colors such as powder rose enhance the fabric’s details and create a delicate fil rouge linking furniture throughout the room. In fact, eyes are immediately drawn to both sculptural Vivi Canaletto Armchair and rounded, harmonious Tondo Pouff, both enriched by the same fabric and powder rose color.

And is still color – as well as materials – that contributes to align home décor details: Canaletto walnut natural wood color creates a welcoming, warm atmosphere. Fine Canaletto walnut wood enlivens the structure of Vivi Canaletto Armchair, embracing the seat space, but we can find it also in the sleek structure of small table Tazio Canaletto. By choosing the transparency of glass as per the table top, both color and shapes of the table structure are clearly visible and recall the armchair, for a harmonious overall effect.

The same is enhanced by the Console Lungarno, again made in Canaletto walnut wood and enriched by a total black top which is customizable as most of Tosconova pieces of furniture, choosing among endless variations of finishes and materials. Zeno Floor Lamp, with its slender shape and intimate cone of light, completes the warm and neutral-color atmosphere while it all lies on the hand-knotted TT16 rug, velvety to the touch.

TT16 tappeto frontale Tosconova 01_

Home décor is shaped by very personal choices, but creating a fil rouge that embraces them all may be the key to harmonious spaces. Fabrics and colors have a very special place in home décor narrative and of course in Tosconova and Dedar’s approach to the realization of classy, timeless furniture.

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