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Living space: sophisticated, graphic-novel style meets design

The living space, as its name has suggested since the (roaring) 20s, is a room that we actually use, the one where many daily activities are carried out, a common place for all the members of the house. But let’s get more aesthetic and a bit philosophic: it can be the most chameleon-like room in the whole house and the word living may also mean alive, lively and vibrant – exactly as the Ladies Home Journal perceived it when they officially named the room in the 20s.

The question is: how can we give to the living room what belongs to it? We may think its chameleon-like look is the result of a (chaotic) juxtaposing of colors, yet a design inspired by the sophisticated style of old school graphic novels may put us on the right path with all the shades of white, black, grey and brown artfully blended together. And with an unexpected, fundamental splash of color that makes it all very cinematic.

First of all, a chameleon-like space must have a key piece of furniture around which the whole ambience revolves: Neri Sofa by Tosconova, here in a grey velvet upholstery, has an important aesthetics created by sinuous lines speaking the language of contemporary design, a high back-rest, abundant cushioning and an extremely comfortable padded seating creating a continuum with the armrests. Not only: the wood base enriches the whole sofa as it kind of lifts it from the ground just like a pedestal. Last but essential, its look may change a lot depending on the chosen upholstery.

The secret of shades-blending and of harmonizing details according to the ambience and personal taste comes embodied in three pieces of furniture. The first two are Teo small table, with its geometric, square aesthetics and a top made of matt Emperador marble and Aldo round table in its glossiest, coolest and most sophisticated version. Part of the stunning Lungarno Collection, the third piece of furniture is Lungarno sideboard: made of natural, precious Canaletto wood, it warms the whole room and connects the décor details through the black glass top and the glossy, nickel handles, thus keeping the graphic novel palette together.

And here it comes the cinematic splash of color in the living space: Miura armchair in bright yellow, the perfect detail to make any living room actually alive, lively, vibrant. Its uniqueness lies in the complexity of its structure that consists of wood armrests, a matt black metal body and galvanic brass details on the final part of the slender legs – totally customizable by Tosconova artisans, choosing among countless finishes.

Finally, a double touch of light: Yves floor lamp is a style statement, here in glossy nickel finish and black chinette fabric lampshades.

Thus, let it be a lively living room.