Wood furniture: well-being of mind and body

Wood furniture seems to promote the well-being of mind and body and everyday more people decide to embrace this solution when it comes to decorating their most precious homely spaces. Experts say wooden surfaces can totally change the perception of a room that suddenly is felt as warmer, cozier and even somehow calming. It seems to be all due to the natural origin of wood furniture: in fact, touching wood gives people a feeling of being close to nature, suddenly less stressed and and somehow safe.

The positive and relaxing atmosphere of a room is the paramount element to aim at when we decide to decorate or renovate it. This is so true for both daytime and nighttime spaces, i.e. living room and bedroom. As per the first, Lungarno collection by Tosconova boasts all the ultimate wooden pieces of furniture: Lungarno table or small table, Lungarno showcase and bookcase, the versatile Lungarno sideboard and Lungarno high-padded chairs.

Without a doubt, however, bedroom spaces are the ones where we really seek a feeling of relaxation. Actually, choosing wood furniture is the best way of ensuring it, as the use of wood affects, among other things, both air quality and acoustics. Lungarno bed features a structure made of precious Canaletto walnut wood, customizable choosing among the different finishes by Tosconova. One option is to choose the natural finish, as it recalls the look of natural wood, and a refined light fabric that does its own wonderful thing on the elegant headboard – that of the photo is Tosconova Maya L26.

Lungarno nightstands totally match with the above-mentioned bedroom aesthetics, but remain somehow independent due to details such as the black glass top adding that iconic touch – wooden top is also available – or the eccentric, classy handles designed by Tosconova designers and customizable in many galvanic finishes. Thanks to the primal nature of wood, Lungarno nightstands are absolutely timeless.

The same handles naturally stand out on the large Lungarno desk, also featuring the same Canaletto walnut wood structure and black glass tabletop – wood option available. It comfortably accommodates the Forty Canaletto Chair, for an aesthetics continuity that contributes to the calming effect gifted by wood furniture. The chair upholstery can be customized as well, maybe choosing a classic with a very delicate texture: Pico L01, one of the timeless and most classy fabrics by Tosconova.

The safe, relaxing atmosphere ensured by wood furniture is sort of perpetuated by the vintage-design Nelly table lamps in glossy nickel finish, leaning on each nightstand and creating the perfect lighting for reading and, precisely, relaxing. As per the desk, Claire table lamp is a tribute to nature, as it features a wooden, decorative frame and a natural linen lampshade. The overall homely aesthetics is enhanced by the Tondo pouf, an evergreen of decoration and functionality as it means an elegant, movable and useful bearing surface and hand-tafted TT05 rug customizable choosing among many different options by Tosconova.

So, in conclusion, choosing wood furniture means embracing a positive emotional experience. Be sure that the relaxing effect given by proximity to nature will create the ultimate sense of homeliness and warmth

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