About Tosconova

Ethical furniture: ethics first

Ethical furniture is the final result. Ethics first is the mantra of each and every department at Tosconova. But what does it really mean and how does it concern furniture? No doubt it is a mindset one has to choose and nourish throughout the years, especially because it has to be applied to a production environment that has to deal with market logic and marketing.

Definitely, the starting point is the chosen attitude toward life. It may sound a bit romantic, but Tosconova always states to be admirers of life. In a world that is running faster and faster, Tosconova enthusiastically decided to move in the opposite direction, looking for a balance between what surrounds us as human beings and what we choose to be surrounded by in the private beloved spaces of our home, i.e. pieces of furniture. Freedom of choice – that is why Tosconova focuses on customization of pieces of furniturepassion and insatiable curiosity are what makes Tosconova work every day to improve the company’s potential while supporting the aesthetic power of good design.

Working at Tosconova means embracing a certain attitude toward life that makes the workplace a better place, as the company is committed to creating a safe and engaging work environment, constantly setting new goals for their social responsibility. Besides, throughout the whole production process, Tosconova focuses on making careful ethical choices. For example, in the carpentry department, the one and only choice is work with non-toxic raw materials produced in strict compliance with current laws, and padding made without freon or other harmful agents. The new padding team was born precisely to carry out research and development for replacing goose feathers with a cruelty-free solution. The goal has totally been achieved and Tosconova is not even using any leather upholstery, but focuses on improving and enriching their textile collections.

At Tosconova, design means creating the feeling of a furnished home that fits one’s lifestyle and totally reflects their personality; pleasant color combinations, functional and long-lasting pieces of furniture, materials that are incredible to the touch. In the meantime, at Tosconova the word quality means putting oneself completely at the service of the creation of durable items to be passed across generations thanks to high-quality materials and the combination of comfort and beauty. It is not about marketing, it is about respect and it is the only way of creating real ethical furniture.

In the end, beauty is itself the perfect balance between elements creating harmony and thus a better life. Raised by the beauty of the city of Florence where arts and craftsmanship have always taken the lead, especially since Renaissance, Tosconova is looking forward to share their attitude towards life and furniture with clients who desire to make home that special place it deserves to be.