About Tosconova

Fascinating style

Transparency and light are the best way to soak up spring vibes. Let you inspire from minimalistic shapes enriched with Italian classics. Below an initial spring living room selection. The Maya series combine neat living with sophisticated transparencies. Your very personal touch is in the top lampshades, completely customizable according to your very own colour pallet.

When light encounters transparent materials, almost all of it passes directly through them. Tosconova carefully tests lighting and transparencies not only to create a style that matters but especially to gift the overall living area with the perfect color balance.
Below, our Maya lamps series with customizable lampshades.

Born around 1800, capitonné is a type of padding for sofas, armchairs or headboards. Our Tuscan padding is completely handmade and quilted to form pads arranged in a square or rhombus mesh. The quilted fabric is stopped by buttons or studs. Originally, capitonné padding was made of a caption, from which the name derives, which is waste processed silk.