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Holiday design: Tosconova’s white evokes the White Christmas

A lovely Christmas wreath on the door, a few gold candles as a centerpiece, or a trail of tiny lights that entirely wrap the library: it takes very little to light up the Christmas magic, but why limit ourselves to a minimal design? At Christmas, everything is allowed—because we are free to decorate despite home decor rules, we could almost say—, the design logic is inverted; questionably useful knick-knacks rise up, and exuberance becomes an important, yet unusual, stylistic quality: more is more, without a doubt. This holds true not only when choosing Christmas decorations but also when selecting the room to decorate, including the bedroom. Tosconova will take care of welcoming—and containing—the holiday exuberance.

The white color that elegantly adorns this bedroom daily serves as a warm backdrop for the perfect White Christmas design. The Milano bed by Tosconova takes center stage, as any bed naturally does in a room, however, the distinctive design of the headboard stands out with majesty and elegance: its shape and upholstery exude softness, and the warm white color of the Maiori fabric perfectly complements the purer and lighter white hue of the Medici sheet set by Tosconova. Together, they transform the Milano bed into the softest blanket of snow. Inside the design world, softness refers to rounded structures, sinuous lines, and gentle upholsteries; however, its meaning also metaphorically extends to goodness or kindness, making the concept of softness a distinctive feature of Christmas design. Allow us to indulge in a bit of romanticism, but the Christmas holidays have the ability to soften even the most ‘prickly characters,’ both literally and metaphorically when talking about rounded and sinuous furniture!

Even spontaneity characterizes Christmas holidays. Tosconova interprets this spirit in the Christmas set through the distinct Mammuth fabric by Dedar, which envelops the Lena armchair by Tosconova. What we especially appreciate about this fabric is its ‘3D effect’ and irregularity, making it genuinely comfortable, unique, and, above all, authentic. Tosconova pairs it with the Adorabile Alpaca fabric by Dedar to create a delightful cushion composition at the center of the bed.

Wood is a highly expressive material; there’s not a single definition for it. It has always been a charming element in design, embodying warmth, welcoming vibes, strength, and resistance. Tosconova utilizes chestnut wood for theLungarno bedside tables and complements them with the two Yves table lamps, presenting an elegant and ‘soft’ design.

Relaxation, comfort, and warmth are closely linked to white tones, especially when combined with the warm hues of wood. White is also the color of Christmas, and if we choose it to decorate our rooms, we’ll be one step closer to creating our own personal White Christmas.
Tosconova wishes everyone to experience the magical moment of decorating their homes with enthusiasm.

Happy Christmas by Tosconova.