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Luxury apartments Residenze Isole di Toscana

Luxury apartments are the specialty of Tuscany. One must admit that Tuscan locations do their part to ensure the most stunning aesthetics, but that’s not all. Sea view? Amazing. Unspoilt natural parks all around? Healing. Natural daylight that pervades every room? Life-giving. But what about looking at all of this through a seafront window, from a cozy design armchair. And, at the end of a perfect day, waiting there for the night to come, turning a soft light on.

Tosconova has the honor of being part of such a project, Residenze Isole di Toscana by Marina di Scarlino Group, a sailor’s paradise so close to pristine bays and beaches, that Tosconova has contributed to bring to life. A paradise made of minimal and clean lines, for the ultimate simple elegance harmonized with the details of the location – i.e. the incredible Tuscan coastline of Marina di Scarlino.

As Stefan Neuhaus, CEO of Marina di Scarlino Group, states, the project including 960 berths in one of the nicest harbors of the Tuscan coasts and a complex of 36 brand new luxury apartments overlooking the sea. It all was born nearly 20 years ago from an idea of Leonardo Ferragamo and is now in the final stages. The project is really unique also thanks to the experience you can actually live inside Marina di Scarlino, from a gallery offering exclusive services such as restaurants, bars, food&wine and fashion stores, to international regattas that have found their home to start at Marina di Scarlino, where you can admire the Swans – innovative sailboats created by Nautor Swan, historic Finnish shipyard owned by Leonardo Ferragamo.

In the best tradition of international design, Residenze Isole di Toscana luxury apartments in construction boast pieces of furniture perfectly blending Tuscan and international styles. Stefan Neuhaus talks about the partnership with Tosconova and the process of thinking through the design of each apartment, selecting classy handmade furniture. And the one special gift for clients is definitely customization, i.e. the opportunity to choose details such as materials and colors, to make interiors as special as the Tuscan surroundings.

The apartments are enriched by many pieces of furniture by Tosconova which are totally customizable choosing among colors and materials. To name just a couple of them, let’s go back to that window in front of that sea. Vivi Canaletto armchair is the ideal, sculptural piece of furniture featuring a precious Canaletto walnut wood structure and a sophisticated design giving the cozy seat a special extra wideness. And when the night comes, the soft light of Matisse table lamp joins harbor lights where boats gently bob up and down.

Finally, the partnership between Tosconova and Residenze Isole di Toscana features the perfect pair: Tuscan style and luxury comfort.

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