About Tosconova

Summer classic furniture and capsule collections

Summer classic furniture: never like this year brand new, classy and timeless capsule collections are needed to make our eyes sparkle again, like calm sea waves under the sun of Sardinia. In fact, is there honestly anything better than the endless, unspoiled nature of Sardinia to be inspired? Nothing more “made in Italy” than it actually, that’s why Tosconova has decided to reach for that light and enclose it in an elegant capsule collection.

A warm, yellow-sun color is the common thread binding Tosconova summer classic furniture together. The pieces are made of luxurious and, above all, natural Canaletto walnut wood and revisited in a summer tone. Forty-two Canaletto chair, Vivi Canaletto armchair and Matisse table lamp – enriched with a white linen lampshade and a body made of bright-yellow ceramic – boast combinations of materials inspired by nature, summer and the beauty of Sardinia, such as the unique beach dunes and the unmistakable Mediterranean scrub.

One of the key elements to increase the aesthetic appeal of a piece of furniture is surely the choice of fabrics. Fandango by Dedar, a yellow-sun, contemporary jacquard enriched by a wavy horizontal flame pattern, whispers of different textiles traditions and complex weave structures, for summer echoes to enchant any space. Dedar is an Italian reality made of craftsmen and textile specialists, combining precious yarns with R&D and partnering with the excellence of design.

The same Italian artisanship comes declined in both the woodwork and ceramic details of this summer classic furniture capsule collection. As per ceramic, the ultimate partnership brings Tosconova and Pecchioli Firenze together. Both historical brands rooted in Florence, they often team up in pursuit of common objectives such as creating a sophisticated, original aesthetics.

The aim of the capsule collection is to take you to a special, perfect place that you love and that makes you escape reality for a while. Tosconova has re-thought some of their iconic pieces of furniture giving them a natural, dreamful allure, perfect to decorate any space, from the relaxing holiday home to the town house in desperate need of an elegant twist.