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Sustainable design: Tosconova’s furniture was built to last

Sustainable design: what does it mean? The meanings are numerous, at least as numerous as those for sustainability (environmental or economic? Just to give an example), but today we want to talk to you about sustainable design according to Tosconova.

If we had to find a keyword for this story, with a bit of romanticism we would say ‘life’.
Through its furniture, Tosconova has always celebrated the life of the territory, its history, and its beauty, aiming to provide the highest comfort for people’s daily lives and contribute to a more ethical world. With this premise, it naturally follows that the word ‘life’ is at the core of Tosconova’s existence, with ‘craftsmanship’, ‘high-quality materials’, ‘innovation’, and ‘timeless style’ as direct consequences. Even furniture customization brings us back to people’s lives and their ways of using them because when furniture reflects its owner’s needs and taste, it is less likely to be replaced.

With its timeless aesthetic and high-quality materials, Tosconova aims to create furniture that will remain beautiful indefinitely and, potentially, last a lifetime, thereby avoiding the need for replacements shortly after purchase.

Tosconova is opposed to the fast furniture trend that, just like fast fashion, prioritizes trending shapes and low-quality materials, resulting in furniture with a short life expectancy due to wear and tear or changing trends.

This inclination towards sustainability has been part of Tosconova since its inception; it is impossible to separate the two, and when improving things around us is part of who we are, continuing to refine and embrace increasingly sustainable solutions becomes a most pleasant habit.
Thus, we can assert that creating irreplaceable furniture is Tosconova’s most delightful habit.

We have previously discussed the benefits of eco-flock padding and a leather-free approach in Tosconova’s production. These two solutions have brought significant advantages. Eco-flock padding ensures more uniform distribution within the upholstery, retains its properties for longer periods, and is easy to maintain. Additionally, opting for leather-free materials has allowed Tosconova to enhance its expertise and development in fabrics. The company selects only the finest Made in Italy materials. As mentioned earlier, the principles of sustainable design at Tosconova are closely tied to the concepts of ‘territory’ and ‘people.’ Furniture that doesn’t suit the owner’s lifestyle is unlikely to be sustainable, and definitely not in line with Tosconova’s ethos!

It will indeed be Tosconova’s, a piece of furniture that embodies attention to detail, responsiveness to people and their needs, and high-quality materials that honor the local territory; that reflects Tosconova’s commitment to minimizing its environmental impact and enhancing people’s lives -that was built to improve the former and simplify the latter- while being constantly perfected with new sustainable solutions. Thus, it will undoubtedly be Tosconova’s, a piece of furniture built to last.