About Tosconova

The design of Tosconova and the fashion of Mason’s converse in the new Spring Summer 2024 collection

Ancient architecture and art, sea, greenery, sun: isn't this the - almost - perfect Italian experience postcard? To complete it truly, two important expressions of Italianness remain to be added: design and fashion: Tosconova, a high-quality furniture company, and Mason's, a brand that reinterprets the ancient tailoring tradition in a contemporary key.

These two realities come together again for the launch of the new Mason’s Spring Summer 2024 collection, but their collaboration suggests a link between design and fashion that began a long time before. Yes, because shapes, lines, colors, textures, and sensations describe a garment, but they are also design elements. They describe beauty: a large and profound concept that leaves space for personal interpretations. However, when referring to Tosconova and Mason’s, two realities that share the same values, these interpretations simply coincide, creating new emotional details.

Tosconova’s history speaks about research, competence, and passion for Italy, culture, art, and craftsmanship – a passion that aims to spread everywhere to design the most varied environments in an authentic Italian style. Similarly, Mason’s proposes the same idea of beauty and design, choosing a villa from the XVI century and its suggestive Italian garden facing the Ligurian Sea as the stage for its new SS24 collection. This perfectly explains the representative Italian postcard.

High-fashion garments meet fine pieces of furniture against a backdrop of history and nature.

But there’s is another detail that shines through this picture: that sensation of high comfort transmitted by a tailored garment and a precious design furniture as well. That sensation of deep welcoming that characterizes the Italian culture. In this sense, Tosconova’s design choices are not a coincidence, well they are never.

The Moritz sofa and Witton armchairs not only reflect the aesthetics of the location but also evoke the concept of a living rooma space designed to welcome guests with warmth and high comfort, while also suggesting the possibility of enjoying it in complete solitude.

The Moritz sofa is available in the Siena version, a precious fabric coating by Tosconova that perfectly matches the tones of the spring and summer seasons, but especially Mason’s garments, contributing to create an elegant atmosphere.

The two Witton armchairs, with their Giotto velvet coating by Tosconova, complete the set and infuse vivacity with their blue and orange tones, reminiscent of the sea and the sun, of peace and joy. The unique brass structure, combined with the incredibly soft velvet coating, elevates the ambiance to a higher level of comfort and takes the attention to a beauty that is never an end in itself but always functional and in service of those who experience it.

The collaboration between Tosconova and Mason’s is more than just a partnership. It’s a new opportunity to celebrate an Italian style that goes beyond mere aesthetic appearances, engaging all our senses, offering us a postcard to admire, but above all, an atmosphere to savor to the fullest.