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The Tazio table by Tosconova: iconic, welcoming, everlasting

The best moments in our homes will always take place around a table. Despite we typically think of the living room as the most important environment in any home, most of our meaningful life moments happen in the dining room: a wish in front of a few birthday candles or a simple breakfast with our partner, family, or on our own special company. Tables don’t just decorate rooms, they decorate lives.

Tables don’t just decorate rooms, they decorate lives. That is why, an ever-lasting table with a distinctive style, as Toconova’s one, is a must for any dining room. This is the principle behind the realization of the Tazio table. Actually, it is the guiding idea behind every Tosconova creation: to realize timeless pieces of furniture, thanks to an iconic and versatile aesthetic, high-quality materials, and an artisanal approach.

The Tazio table is elegant and customizable; its walnut structure is available in several finishes, allowing you to choose between a more natural look, or a bolder and glamorous one. You can also add more personality by choosing between a marble top – an iconic Italian, especially in Tuscany, material – and a glass top.

It’s versatile; with its timeless, minimal, and elegant lines, the Tazio table can adapt to everyday situations while enhancing the most modish events. It naturally complements any design style and, of course, pairs perfectly with a complete ‘Tosconova look’: this spacious and evocative dining room is decorated with the precious Lungarno showcase, the Forty Canaletto chairs, and the Charlotte Canaletto floor lamp, all-crafted from the same wooden material. The distinctive Doge chandelier by Tosconova adds a touch of spectacle to the room, while the delicate and large rug also by Tosconova, completes and sweetens the scene.

The Tazio table is also the perfect set for little talks or readings in a cozy and minimalist room. Its essential and elegant design invites moments of peace and serenity, intimate or shared. At the same time, its sturdy wooden structure, realized by the Tosconova skilled craftsmen, will protect those moments over time. In this particular setting, the Tazio table is accompanied by the matching Forty Two Canaletto chairs by Tosconova, the elegant Olivia chandelier, and some delicate and romantic flowers.

Finally, what about a dining room that turns, if necessary, into a sophisticated workspace that encourages concentration? The Tazio table, in its ‘Wood Glossy – Nero’ finish, evokes a sophisticated and also ‘professional’ atmosphere perfect for both moments of chilling and focusing. The charming look is highlighted by the lavish and dark Yves chandelier that is recalled by the Yves table lamp on top of the Lungarno console in its dark glass top.

No matter the room, the Tazio Table will always be the perfect, timeless, and stylish keeper for life’s moments. Its rounded lines enhance conviviality in the perfect Italian style and bring a sense of harmony to the entire room. The different finishes make it customizable and a perfect fit for any environment. Finally, its artisanal production ensures that it will remain a design companion for life.

When decorating our homes, it’s natural to envision our future lives within them. We imagine ourselves preparing dinner, talking with our friends and family on a Friday evening, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. We picture ourselves living in the spaces and interacting with all the furnishings.Perhaps, we will realize that no matter what life moment we dream of, the table will always, or nearly always, be a part of it.

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