About Tosconova

To the heart of new-era Italian artisanship

Craftmanship, high technology and tailor-made projects Italian artisanship is many things but a cliché. It is a complex expression embracing different meanings and constantly evolving while heading to a new-era connotation. Tosconova got to the heart of it: new-era Italian artisanship means craftsmanship, high technology, and tailor-made projects, each one of them essential to fit in the client’s unique perception of design.

Ideas, solutions, manual skills. Upholsters, carpenters, painters, and designers are the heart and soul of Tosconova laboratories. Belonging to generations of Florentine artisans, they grew up smelling experience and commitment, seasoned with an ancestral passion for the most precious details. Luxury, design furniture is the ultimate result of fervent imagination, with professionals looking at a project and coming up with such fitting solutions you can just marvel at. These professionals are the real foundation of what it is nowadays called Research and Development and of Italian artisanship as Tosconova sees it.

Just outside the city of Florence, Tosconova laboratories are aesthetically stunning, as beauty originates from beauty, but above all they are becoming the cradle of new generations of craftsmen. Longtime employees become teachers and storytellers of the art of upholstering, woodworking, painting and designing, blending boundless knowledge with new, high technology. This is the dawning of a new era of design, with technologies in the service of fervent imagination and experience and with teams working in harmony.

The third sense of artisanship is somehow hidden in the concept of luxury, design furniture. Always based on knowledge and experience, both fundamental to get the best of any project, artisanship ultimately revolves around finding original solutions to fit in the client’s vision of design. Tosconova clients confirm they heartily appreciate reasoned advice and complex, imaginative solutions for their homes, whether it means decorating it all, choosing one special piece of furniture or fixing some home corner that struggles to find its place in it.

Ultimately, Italian artisanship means to accompany the client in a tour through imagination and effective design solutions, guiding their personal perception of home spaces. It all may start with a visit to the house and a nice talk, followed by a thorough analysis of the client’s desires.

Home décor cannot be considered mere space filling: Tosconova Italian artisanship makes sure the client takes their time and enjoy the tailor-made experience offered by Italian artisanship.