Yacht design furniture by Tosconova: on the wave of classy luxury spaces

Yacht design furniture is the dream of everyone. Why? Because on one side, it can inspire interior design around the world giving it sort of a classy twist that conquers professionals and enthusiasts; on the other side, companies and operators in the luxury furniture industry look forward joining partnerships with premier design studios to create the ultimate customized furniture. Tosconova could do it and is eager to do it again.

Before anything else, yacht design projects not only mean luxury furniture but also and above all certified pieces of furniture, thus highly specialized carpentry, upholstery and lighting departments for creating hyper-personalized products, plus the necessary technical offices taking care of specific certifications. That is how Optima design decided to choose Tosconova as a partner in the interior design project of a 45-metres class cruiser realized by the historic Tuscan brand Versilcraft.

The project by the architect Antonio Luxardo and Daniele Perrotto – Optima design is specialized in yachting, industrial design, automotive and strategic communication industries, developing cutting-edge products from conception to realization – features the interiors of the class cruiser, specifically the open-space main hall with floor-to-ceiling windows, a beach area – another hall overlooking the sea – three guest rooms, a VIP room with bedroom and lounge and the Owner bedroom with lounge, bedroom and cinema room. Tosconova contribution to the project has revolved around furniture from their collection, readjusting each piece to the marine setting or fully-customized pieces of furniture designed by Optima designers.

Architects have fallen for Tosconova Vivi and revolving Swing armchair and have decided to use a unique, customized version of them in the main hall of the class cruiser. As per sofas, they have settled on Tosconova William sofa customized in its depth and shape in order to create a living room with the most comfortable and spacious sitting area. Equally spacious and welcoming, the big round table is encircled with Forty-two chairs matching other details in the room as per color and wood. Table lamps by Tosconova have been readjusted to fix them to furniture so that they don’t fall, while the chandelier has been designed specifically by Optima designers and then realized by Tosconova technical lighting department.

Tosconova revolves around pieces of furniture meant to create classy luxury spaces and the countless customization options meant to meet very different needs and tastes. But the expertise of Tosconova departments goes beyond that: it makes clients sail safely into the sea of the most exclusive interior design.

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