About Tosconova

Dive into modern design

Tosconova Teo small table range started from a clean presentation of a geometric design. The second step has been a careful choice of timeless and traditional materials like marble. Last but not least step has been the choice of the perfect frame that did not overrule a classic yet modern interior piece: metal.


Teo range design inspiration comes from the international famous marble quarries from the Tuscan architecture: thanks to marble, the Province of Lucca has attracted excellent artists, from Michelangelo to Canova, who helped shape these places.Metal legs work as a clean frame to enhance the timeless elegance of this noble material. Tosconova’s masters worked on a range of perfect finishes to create the best combination between marble and metal.


We are proud to feature our Teo coffee table range in Lucca, another outstanding Tuscan city in the world UNESCO heritage site list. Renaissance, as well as Middle Age vibes, are present in a simple walk throughout its city center.

Clear lines, elegance, and Tuscan tradition frame exactly the clean inspiration to create the Teo coffee table range, here featured in a rounded shape.