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Christmas spirit: let it show through interior design

Homes really change their aesthetics during Christmas time, not only thanks to Christmas lights and the most adorable Christmas trees, but also wearing a new selection of colors that range from classics such as snow-white, purple-red and underwood green to relatively new entries, namely antique pink, matt silver and warm brown tones. And yet, a new trend in interior design could make our homes definitely unique while turning on our imagination and keeping ennui away.

Christmas time definitely invites to some temporary interesting changes in interior design. Together with putting up gorgeous Christmas decorations, moving the furniture a bit could really give a twist to our homes, with the reassuring certainty that everything will go back in place. Or maybe not – we may like the new arrangement better, who knows? To have a choice makes all the difference.

Tosconova has one wish for Christmas: precisely, to give you the gift of choice. Or better, to gift it to you once more: customization, i.e. to make every shade of your wishes come true through a wide selection of luxury materials and sizes, is in fact Tosconova area of expertise. Timeless Italian artisanship and an extra gear as per interior design make it all possible each and every day of the year, but especially at Christmas.

To show you how much an ambience can change by varying the arrangement of customizable furniture, Tosconova may suggest three different burgundy versions of the most classic piece of furniture: armchair. Vivi, Witton and Lady armchairs wear burgundy velvet upholstery just in time for Christmas. The ambience may be turned into something even more special by adding a touch of vintage and classy style thanks to Lanai sofa, Tazio small table and Zeno Floor lamp and the finest Elicriso chandelier.

Lanai sofa wears for the occasion a sophisticated upholstery from the new collection, named Siena fabric, whose neutral aesthetics encloses every shade of beige and gives a warm and stylish effect. Tazio small table boasts a glass top that adds to the atmosphere by reflecting colors, light and Christmas decorations all around. Thanks to the combination of galvanic finishes and ribbed glass, Elicriso chandelier, also from the new collection, comes full circle for a harmony design made of round shapes and great class.

Each and every one of these pieces of furniture offers ideas that can add something original, new and so special to interior design. Something that may end up lasting in time.

A very merry Christmas from Tosconova. And let it show.