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Dining room: supernatural style for the heart and core of the house

The dining room has always been the heart of the house. But is it really still that way? Back in the days before technology, the dining room was a much frequented, lively space that is waiting for some new, vital inspiration. A supernatural style may be the trick that creates the conditions for rediscovering a truly-shared experience. That’s why Tosconova has decided to think up the ideal dining room, where every piece of furniture adds to the atmosphere.

Let’s start from the dining table, which boasts a real potential for connection: during meals, of course, but also as a place of growth, learning and enjoyment too, i.e. where you come together for spending some time, organize priorities, do some homework. A round one like Tazio 110 round table is definitely very welcoming – rounded shapes are carriers of messages of harmony and protection – and creates more social experience, also given that it is customizable as per materials and sizes. Tazio tabletop can be made of Carrara marble, but also of Emperador and Black Marquinia marbles or other materials such as supernatural wood. Tosconova wants the client to experience personal, aesthetics satisfaction, so other solutions may be created from scratch. The same applies to the table structure made of classy Canaletto walnut wood – again, different materials, dimensions and shapes are available or waiting for the client to figure them out together with Tosconova Design Laboratory – and gives that vintage touch to the whole table. It all helps to create an encompassing dining space that will have guests gladly staying at your table – the true feature of the room –for a nice, shared experience.

A wise use of space has never been more fundamental, that is why we should invest in it, turning the dining room into an area of the house that people will want to stay in. Choose inviting furniture, a classic but somehow reinvented style may end up creating a space that is unique to your home. Chairs around the dining table should have two characteristics: being classy and very comfortable. Fifty-two galvanic chair is a real statement: a one-of-a-kind aesthetics that embodies modernity and winks at captivating vintage furniture, while every detail is definitely customizable. Seat and backrest are somehow elevated by the most chic, slender legs that feature a contrast between shiny galvanic and the dark metal finish. Upholstery completes the spell: the backrest enriched with gorgeous patterns by Tosconova meet the ultimate fabric by Dedar Milano Supernatural Collection – couple of characteristics: color stability, stain-resistance. And a gorgeous aesthetics.


To create visual clues between two pieces of furniture makes any room look sophisticated and gives a sense of aesthetics continuity. Just as Tazio table structure, Lungarno sideboard is made of Canaletto walnut wood in natural finish – because wood furniture means well-being for mind and body. The sideboard top is made of wood as well, but marble or black glass can be stunning options to it. Interesting detail: the sideboard handles have been enriched by a finish – satin brass – which is different from other details in the room, in order to enhance the whole room aesthetics.

Geometric, classy Zeno table lamp creates a point light that talks about pleasant small corners in a shared space. Part of a brand new Tosconova collection including bedside lamp, wall lamp and floor lamp, it enhances the atmosphere together with classy pieces of furniture such as SP 190 mirror and hand-knotted TT16 rug.

That is how dining room returns to be the supernatural heart of the house.