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Living room ideas day by Dave: curved, vintage, sartorial

Living room ideas go beyond simple trends of the moment. A piece of furniture can really take on the leading role in a room and keep on playing it for years, just like the best actors and actresses of all times. When a sofa has curved shapes, its impact on the room aesthetics is decisive as it instantly adds to the overall sense of comfort. As long as it is designed to be what it’s born to be: a statement piece.

First of all, curved lines must shape the whole sofa – seat, backrest, armrests, edges and even the back – and not just random details. That is made possible only thanks to a sartorial approach to design, which means design professionals skilled at having obsessive attention to every creation step. Especially during the day, the sofa will be in full light and its rounded shapes are meant to be seen and appreciated from every corner of the living room.

Second, curved sofas is synonymous with ‘80s couture, when designers went for features that added that je ne sais quoi to a room but still let the space open to individual interpretation. Thus, vintage design is definitely the key to really appreciate curved sofas and to choose the sofa upholstery and colors in order to create a harmonious flow and soften the sharp edges of modern furniture.

Not least, curved sofas naturally hint at the pleasure of being together, as they are designed to invite conversation without having to twist and bend around to look at the other person. This feature has earned them the name of “conversational sofas”: fascinated by the oriental tradition of working sat on a rudimentary version of sofa, it was French who imported the idea of sitting on a sofa to enjoy good company, inventing seats called “causeuses”, from the French word for talkative.

Tosconova has decided to bring together all these features into one piece of furniture: Dave sofa, the all-curved item thought to style the living room up. Special attention has been paid to extra comfort: the sofa often becomes a clients’ favorite exactly because the innovative padding makes it very comfortable and thus perfect to perform its conversational function.

When it comes to curved furniture, upholstery must cover curves flawlessly and that is the result of  the world-famous sartorial work of Italian artisans. In fact, Dave sofa is perfect in any type of upholstery: plain, textured but also, what a classy choice, velvety. As said, the sartorial approach to design is in the details that create the whole: Dave sofa is enriched and finished with a border running on the seat and backseat and the last may be customized with a contrasting color. Another sartorial detail is how the fabric folds on the armrests making the curved parts rather unique.

The living space is meant to be lived day by day, thus Tosconova would like to suggest a complete living room idea. With its distinctive design and galvanic-finished, shiny, slender legs, Lady armchair is vintage-inspired and endowed with curved shapes just like Dave sofa, as a fil rouge is always mandatory to make a space look like a harmonious whole. The armchair can be realized choosing bright, standing-out colors or neutral shades that make it super elegant. Teo small table has a matt Emperador marble top that matches the one of side-sofa, rounded Brass small tables – again that fundamental fil rouge. Notably, looking somehow velvety, matt marble is a new design alternative to the glossy version. Nelly floor lamp completes the picture with its shiny vintage-looking cone shape, harmoniously resting on candid-color, soft TT16 rug.

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