About Tosconova

Artisans of Italy: come meet the tailors of the Made in Italy

Artisans of Italy: sophisticated travelers from all over the world have hoped to meet them for decades. The same travelers used to consider Italy a must-see, or better, a must-live during the so-called XVIII century Grand Tour, when Italian art and artisanship were simply unparalleled, breathtaking and, above all, of the highest quality.

At that time, the tailors of the historically-known Made in Italy were all the artists and artisans who created their products sticking to a seemingly simple principle: meticulous attention to details, no matter what. At the very beginning of their adventure, Tosconova made a one-time decision: to preserve over time the wonder of discovering Italy for the first time and especially the above-mentioned principle of true artisans. That is why we are ready to find out what’s behind the real Made in Italy.

One of the most widespread practice during the Grand Tour was to buy as much Italian works of art, cultural artefacts and furniture as possible to be put on display once at home. Italian-style furniture meant the most sophisticated quality precisely because of that meticulous attention to details, plus new ideas, solutions and the finest manual skills.

That’s exactly the heart and soul of Tosconova new-era artisanship, as Tosconova production laboratories are made by and of people who stick to the aforesaid one-time decision: upholsters, carpenters, painters and designers who do belong to generations of Florentine artisans and grew up breathing experience, commitment and an ancestral passion for precious details. In a few words, the whole of Italian know-how.

Have you ever seen the so-called artisans of Italy at work? The careful but steady way they fasten their aprons first thing; the way they caress a fabric, a wood piece or brush tips, somehow casually but just because they know every inch of it; the way they breathe while drawing, measuring, cutting, engraving. That is the real wonder, the secret behind the real Made in Italy. It can’t be told. Or maybe yes.

At Tosconova, longtime employees become teachers and storytellers of the art of upholstering, woodworking, painting and designing, blending boundless knowledge with new, high technology. Tuscany craftmanship at its highest level, another secret to be discovered.

But the ultimate secret is to turn a piece of furniture upside down. Yes, for real. If an artisan does what they do because they may not waive to things well done, here it comes that meticulous attention that leaves nothing to chance, not even what’s hidden to the eye. The key is to look for those hidden details, so precious because of what they mean.

To own a product an artisan has looked and worked at the way real Italian artisans look and work at their creations is part of a journey that suddenly turns into a modern Grand Tour.