Luxury interior design: Tosconova Show Home is a whole new retreat

Luxury interior design can totally reach the next level when it comes to furnishing a whole new retreat. That’s exactly the latest project, called Show Home, carried out by Tosconova. We are talking about continuity of spaces, natural materials inspired by a place made of earth and sea, high-ceilinged open spaces full of light and furniture by Tosconova, all plunged in the Mediterranean scrub and enriched by a breathtaking view of Northern Sardinia.

Open by appointment to potential clients and design professionals, it conveys a sense of harmony that has been reached thanks to a thorough renovation and furnishing project implemented and supervised internally by Tosconova. The typical Sardinian house, called Stazzu Gallurese, has been renovated choosing textural-natural materials, ceiling beams and joists in white wood, a handcrafted oak wood floor with a design recalling nautical knots. And as soon as you get into the house, the magic happens.

The first and foremost thing about luxury interior design is to create spaces where each piece of furniture can really stand out. The second is to create harmony without forcing combinations. The new house by Tosconova boasts an open space living room where the light coming from a floor-to-ceiling glass door illuminates the Smeralda kitchen, designed and manufactured by Tosconova. Here, classic shapes blend with natural Canaletto walnut wood and rough materials such as lime.

Tosconova furniture meet precious, world famous and celebrated Carrara marble or sophisticated wardrobes with wall covering in Dedar pure wild silk shantung, called Fanfara Wall, a rare, exclusively handmade silk or the most unique Tosconova bed linen sets.

The two bathrooms reflect the house leitmotivs: one inspired to earth colors and the other to sea colors, they are enriched by Tosconova finishes such as brass or new galvanic and glossy effects, besides stunning details such as ceramics and mosaics.

To leave nothing to chance, the interior lighting has been studied in detail by Tosconova experts in order to create something very special and as far away from banal as possible: different scenarios according to different lighting requirements, with an eye for sober and elegant wall lamps. It also must create an unicum with outdoor light, especially with the most lovely and classy veranda ever and a luxurious dependance, both featuring Tosconova furniture such as pieces from the sophisticated Lungarno collection.

Finally, such a thorough and rich project is just the beginning of a new way of perceiving design with an eye for harmony, embraced by Tosconova. The company aims at being a reference point for complete design projects and, as an old adage says, “the best is yet to come”. So welcome to a whole new retreat. And stay tuned.