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Modern bedroom: welcome to 2023 new fabric collection

Modern bedroom design in 2023 will revolve around two key concepts: the one of luxury being stated in subtle and natural ways and the urge of personalizing and expressing oneself through our purchases, with a special focus on fabrics and colors. Besides, as Roberto Ramos, CEO of The Ideatelier, says to ADPRO “after decades of accepting less than standard quality production, we’re embracing craft in home design. The painstaking process of handiwork in every discipline from fabric development to accessories and hand-loomed rugs is de rigueur.”

Tosconova 2023 upholstery fabric collection definitely revolves around giving the power to personalize furniture design and home décor choosing high-level craft products. The new collection dresses Tosconova Flat bed, itself a modern standout piece of high-level craftsmanship, pulling the modern bedroom aesthetics together. The bed wears Maiori fabric in two shades, white and rope: the first enriches the headboard frame and the edging, while rope warms up the whole bed. The Maiori fabric has a natural, luxury embroidered-like striped pattern which is extremely classy and perfectly matches with Flat bed modern simple shapes, perfectly fitting any space.

Those linear shapes are made to be matched with a piece of furniture boasting a strong aesthetics. Portrait nightstands surely make a statement, especially thanks to the sophisticated and slender satin brass legs. The lacquered lime-colored matt finish and the en-pendant satin brass handles do the rest.

A complex, rich approach to fabrics is what enlightens Vivi Canaletto armchair, with its ultimate craft structure made in precious Canaletto walnut wood. The modern bedroom version boasts an upholstery made by Dedar textile company: Samsara fabric combines seven different fibres to achieve an elegant, slightly metallic effect. Again, Vivi Canaletto armchair seems to be made to match a piece of furniture totally embracing the personalization concept: Nelly wall lamp, a classy touch of modernity both in its full-galvanic finish version and in the bicolor version with the eccentric cone lacquered in whatever color one may prefer – maybe satin brass and lime-silk lacquered?

Now let’s get to 2023 hand-loomed rugs trend and to the approach to interior design made of personalization, self-expression and ethical top-quality, a long-time benchmark for Tosconova. Hand-knotted and made of precious wool, cotton, and jute, resulting in a velvety and pleasant-to-touch aesthetics, Tosconova TT17 rug represents craftmanship to the highest level.

Tosconova production departments are an authority on analyzing trends, but the true satisfaction comes when trends meet the company’s benchmarks. And it seems that 2023 will be a great design year to live.