About Tosconova

The hands: Synthesis of Tosconova’s artisanal design and made in Italy

There is a common thread connecting Italian artistic heritage and the flour-covered tables where our grandmothers used to let fresh pasta rest: hands, the ‘instrument of all instruments’, as Aristotle once said, the direct link between the mind and creation, through which to master endless techniques and bring to life everything that the imagination suggests. Including works of art. This also serves as a perfect definition for Tosconova, where hands become the precious link between the minds of its master craftsmen and the design furniture they bring to life. However, with a touch of intellectual freedom, we should incorporate an emotional component that accompanies the entire production process and emerges from every creation. In this way: hands are the instruments of all instruments— alive, carriers of feelings and visions eager to take form - of all instruments. This represents the essence of Tosconova's artisanal design and also the essence of Made in Italy.

Italian craftsmanship is an irresistible blend of inventive skill, imaginative capacity, distinct manual dexterity, inherited tradition, aesthetic taste, and knowledge of materials. Within Tosconova’s workshops, particularly in the carpentry department, artisans personally select the quality of wood to use, knowing that attention to the raw material is fundamental to creating great works. This choice is not limited to the technical characteristics of the material because wood plays a significant and expressive role in home décor. It imparts harmony and warmth to spaces, conveys a sense of solidity and security, and guarantees an eternal contemporary aesthetic.These qualities exponentially amplify when you dedicate your entire life to working with wood, demanding the right amount of time, attention, and care.

Tosconova embodies all the characteristics of a modern companyit offers a wide range of furniture products, exports worldwide, and over the years, its presence has become increasingly established – however, according to its own narrative, its future outlook, its values, and its way of operating, its essence transports us back to an intimate workshop of the past. Here, the artisan personally takes care of its creations, selects the finest materials, and brings to life unique and customized pieces of furniture based on clients’ requests. Without forgetting those stylistic details that transform the product into a work of art, uniquely their own, coupled with functionality and durability—fundamental aspects for a piece of furniture destined to accompany you for an entire lifetime and adapt to your evolving needs.

For 60 years since its establishment, Tosconova has never changed equation, but it has welcomed new professionals to offer artisanal design furniture to an ever-growing audience. All of Tosconova’s furniture is produced internally, down to every detail, under the attentive gaze of those who have turned a craft into a vocation. More precisely, under the skilled hands. In particular, within the carpentry department, one gesture stands out and recurs throughout the entire production process: the hand that gently touches the raw material, guiding it through its transformation, to ensure that what the mind has imagined becomes a reality in every aspect: technically, functionally, and aesthetically perfect piece of furniture! And once that creation has left Tosconova’s laboratory, our hands will touch its surface, feeling the dedication, care, and attention that brought it to life. We will feel it as not just a piece of designer furniture, but as an essential and emotional part of our living space: the unique and timeless style of Tosconova personalizes itself for us and accompanies us. Indeed, this is what Tosconova’s carpenters have in mind while, with their hands, create a table or any other piece of furniture: eternity.