Tosconova Mediterranean Style: The Custom Project for a Residence on the Amalfi Coast.

Among all design styles, the Mediterranean style is an 'evergreen' due to its universal appeal and timelessness. We could consider it the Esperanto of the design world because it is characterized by a universally appreciated aesthetic, capable of unifying even the most diverse tastes.

This is because the Mediterranean style perfectly reproduces the dizzying views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, capturing the essence of the ’60s Amalfi Coast. It’s an aesthetic inspired by the image of La Dolce Vita and the idea of a holiday: its success is a natural and well-deserved consequence!

Today, the Mediterranean aesthetic is increasingly sought after for private homes. Tosconova seized the opportunity to embrace this trend in Maiori, a city in the heart of the Amalfi Coast.

The company reimagined a seaside villa with a Mediterranean touch: a custom project that, unlike other stylistic approaches offering a broader range of colors and materials, follows much more precise stylistic guidelines. Every detail is designed not just to evoke images and sensations but to faithfully reproduce them.


The client turned to Tosconova with the specific idea of bringing the marine landscape from outside into the interiors of the house and asked the company to design the entire furniture in a Mediterranean style.

The process began with selecting a white and blue palette, complemented by natural and impactful wood tones, a material that is indispensable in Tosconova’s creations. These colors, reminiscent of the sea, also evoke feelings of lightness and serenity.

When it comes to Tosconova, these sensations are framed within its uniquely elegant yet suspended atmosphere, further enhanced by the original architectural and design elements of the house, such as the vaulted ceilings and the spectacular spiral staircase.


In this setting, Tosconova emphasized the tailor-made kitchen, which combines the iconic Tosconova lines with a never-before-used sea color. The true signature style is highlighted by the iconic Delia armchair and the Curva Sofa: unique yet highly versatile design elements.

Rather than just a ‘Mediterranean style’ private residence, it’s more accurate to say ‘Tosconova Mediterranean style’ private residence. The bedroom leaves no doubt about the designer’s identity, yet the furniture feels uniquely created for that specific space. This is the hallmark of Tosconova’s design: timeless and versatile.

This project has been a discovery for Tosconova too, as the Company experimented with this shade of blue on its furniture.


Freedom is also a sensation given by the sea, especially by its dizzying view. Tosconova used open space and light colors to make each environment of the house either unique or continuous.

Openness is the keyword. It defines a design project that aims to reproduce the feeling of infinity provided by the sea. In a broader sense, it has been the keyword for Tosconova, which, in this particular project, has opened its horizons to new styles and applications. You just have to discover them!