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Tosconova R&D: the ultimate cruelty-free solution

Tosconova Research & Development department (R&D) has found the ultimate cruelty-free solution. But let’s take a step back: the definition of cruelty-free – and always more people chose that one approach to goods purchasing – includes the fact that a product must not harm animals in any way. It is an ethical choice that implies a second one: relying on a brand that makes ethics its benchmark.

Tosconova cruelty-free solution includes paddings produced using eco flock – an innovative material in many respects – and leather-free upholstery. Plus, the company pays special attention to sustainability and the environment. That’s the culmination of a process, but no end point is such without a good starting point, real commitment and tenacity in pursuing and achieving the goal.

The goal was to take the company’s values, i.e. to be in love with life, attracted by real happiness, try and find a balance with the world that surrounds us and have a strong respect for everything that is life, and turn them into deliberate and concrete actions. With that in mind, during the last two years the R&D department has developed leather-free and cruelty-free solutions to ban leather and goose down from all the paddings by Tosconova, meanwhile avoiding the so-called “easy solutions” that negatively affect quality of products.

This was made possible by keeping a close eye on materials origin. Since 1963, Tosconova boasts a tapestry department where high-level, experienced professionals can immediately tell about the quality of fabrics. Besides, the company has always chosen the best Italian weaving companies, a guarantee as per product quality. The above-mentioned tenacity, commitment and all the professionalism of Tosconova craftsmen, for whom the new-era Italian artisanship definition fits like a glove, do the rest, blending aesthetics, functionality and ethics above all.

The eco-flock padding can be defined as an eco-feather. In fact, it offers extra comfort compared to animal down because it adjusts more evenly inside upholstery, again blending aesthetics, functionality and ethics. It is indeed an innovative material that retains its properties over time and whose maintenance is quick and easy.

Furthermore, Tosconova has decided not to choose animal leather upholstery, focusing on expanding and diversifying the upholstery fabrics collection, hence the leather-free approach. Thanks to research, the company has selected the finest fabrics as per quality and aesthetics. Tosconova goes one step further towards sustainability, choosing made in Italy fabrics only, in order to limit pollution by favoring local, very high-quality materials and processes.

Tosconova states that the materials we use are as important as the materials we choose not to use and that conscious, sustainable choices are made, first of all, in our favorite spaces where we can live our everyday life respecting people, animals and the planet. Everyday more, when we choose a product to be placed in those spaces it is an informed choice of heart. Choosing Tosconova products does imply that choice of love, something that makes the difference and implies an awareness becoming far dearer to us every day.