Our design ethos embodies creations of timeless style which will then be made distinctive in the uniqueness of each project. On top of this, our design always respects the hierarchy and the conjoined connections between architecture, furniture and décor to form harmony. Finally, we do consider ourselves extremely lucky since we are the direct heirs of the authentic Italian craftsmen that create the true made in Italy.

As versatile as it is modern, the Flat bed is a standout piece of high-level craftsmanship, sure to pull your space together. The Flat bed has an overall upholstered structure.

The Manhattan table lamp is a brand new piece designed with geometric as well as classic lines inspirations. The style is indeed unique and sophisticated, especially for its body in galvanic metal finish. The galvanic finish can be customized according to your very personal need, too.

All Lampshades are entirely customizable with colors and/or textiles of Tosconova range.

As versatile as it is modern, the Club Etajer is a statement-making piece made of oak wood. This item features a capacious central drawer with a neat handle.

Countless possibilities of customization are key:
products can be modified according to each project’s specific character and nature as well as finishing and colors can be adjusted to the very specific requests.

The Witton armchair is a fierce Italian design item inspired by historical 50 lines. It has a structure made of noble brass and a unique padded backseat, with bottoms details.

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