About Tosconova

Corner Sofa Lanai: the furniture that combines functionality with positive sensation

To feel good inside our own homes. Any 'the 10 rules for,' 'the 3 unmissable things of,' or 'the essential steps to' that you might encounter while reading online blogs, trade magazines, or other releases simply lead to this question: do we feel good inside our homes?

The aim of home decor is simple indeed; what’s more challenging is how to achieve it, as we well know: to design a serene environment where colors, shapes, and materials support positive feelings. This is why Tosconova always asks itself: ‘How can my furniture evoke positive feelings?’ The answer that comes right after includes the use of high-quality materials, elegant and fine shapes, and pleasurable textures, featuring the possibility to customize every piece of furniture.

For Tosconova, customization is the secret to functionality, which is the secret to fine living, because when the furniture looks good and meets precise and personal necessities, positive feelings naturally follow. This is why Tosconova always considers multiple versions and applications for each furniture element, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect, of course. For example, let’s talk about its sofas: large or cozy? Essential or also designed for sleeping? What about a corner sofa? By the way, corner sofas are becoming increasingly common in people’s living rooms.

Today, we present the Tosconova Lanai Corner Sofa, an elegant yet functional and versatile design element suitable for any living room. The corner sofa serves various reasons and purposes; for instance, it provides additional seating while optimizing otherwise unused space. In the scenario of a living room combined with a kitchen, a corner sofa effectively separates the two areas. The angular shape also provides the opportunity to stretch out, a feature especially appreciated if the evening’s agenda includes watching a good movie.

Lanai angolare Maya L26 Legno Nero Frontale Tosconova A01

In this scenario, Tosconova places the Lanai corner sofa in an elegant and relaxing living room. This space has been designed with a large family or frequent guests in mind. The spacious Lanai corner sofa takes center stage, drawing all attention to itself. When combined with the other furniture pieces, it fosters an atmosphere conducive to conversation and shared moments. Despite its substantial size, its soft lines imbue the room with elegance and tranquility, while the texture provided by the extremely comfortable Maya fabric invites us to sit down immediately! Its grandeur is further accentuated by the presence of two Lena armchairs upholstered in Michelangelo fabric and the central, refined Tazio coffee table with a glass top (many elements make this living room elegant, and if you want to learn more about them, each product on the website is accompanied by its technical data sheet).

Balance, harmony, and rhythm are simply formal terms used to describe a well-crafted environment. However, Tosconova prefers words that resonate more closely with people and their experiences in their homes, such as peacefulness, pleasure, and positivity. Because a successful environment always caters to those who inhabit it. In this living room, furniture doesn’t merely occupy space; it creates more of it while facilitating different experiences: the generous size of the Lanai Sofa accommodates bustling gatherings as well as quiet moments alone, thanks to its distinctive angular shape. Colors and textures aren’t merely stylistic choices; they contribute to serene moments and encourage us to feel at home.