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Customizable furniture: the one and only piece of furniture

Customizable furniture is a concept that ranges from choosing among aesthetics and shapes to considering endless options for materials and finishes. That is how Tosconova creates what could call be called the one and only piece of furniture: every creation is exactly that, something so unique that becomes personal, something that perfectly fits in your own spaces. With a touch of elegance and style.

What is the secret, then? A part from professionalism and passion, the key is the core of the factory, i.e. Tosconova in-house laboratories, a well-established cooperation system where communication, creativity and tradition merge together to get to it: the unique result. Tosconova experts can modify so many details of each product: sizes, covers, lacquering and scents, just to name a few.

The one added value is the possibility for industry professionals, such as interior designers, to come take part in this virtuous circle so to reach the best possible solution for each project: namely, the one and only, the customized result any clients actually wants. That has been the case with some of the most important partnerships between Tosconova and professionals who know the industry inside out, i.e. S+S studio, Florentine design studio that has chosen Tosconova both for their in-house and contract projects. In fact, as S+S states, the shared perception is the one of professionals looking in the same direction, for a result that goes beyond current fashion and lasts in time. Again, the one and only.

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Customization and uniqueness are essential when it comes to rethink spaces such as Tuscan wine cellars boasting international prestige and hundreds of years of wine history. B-sign architetti Firenze, architectural firm in Florence, has partnered with Tosconova precisely in the light of Tosconova high level of craftmanship and indeed after visiting the above-mentioned production laboratories: an approach to design based on total customization and seeing materials first-hand has totally made the difference.

Luxury seaside furniture usually requires even more customization, especially if the project revolves around the renovation of Borgo Santandrea, the first five-star hotel to open on the Amalfi coast in 15 years. A customized version of every piece was sort of mandatory to convey true uniqueness to the hotel guests. And as the Italian architect Rino Gambardella, who took care of the whole project, says, Tosconova succeeded in connecting with the soul of Borgo Santandrea. More than that, the soul of Tosconova customizable furniture succeeded in connecting both with Borgo Santandrea and their guests.

None of this would be possible without the 360-degree customization of every piece of furniture, as a room furnished with creations you chose every details of is the missing piece of the puzzle that portrays the dream ambience.

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