Fashion for furniture and the other way round: Tosconova, Mason’s and Italian villas, art and artisanship

Fashion for furniture is one of that always-successful slogans that ages like fine wine. The thing is, it must be backed by some close collaboration between two entities sharing the same values. In this case, Tosconova luxury furniture has put themselves at the service of art and of a brand that creates a concept of elegance beyond time: Mason’s Italian clothing.

Italian villas, art and artisanship are the privileged settings where both Tosconova and Mason’s find inspiration. If you’re born in Italy, it may happen that beauty – meaning that Italian sense of aesthetics deriving from art, gardens, seaside, food, sun, fashion, wine cellars and the list goes on and on – kind of slips into your eyes and fills up the glass of (vintage) wine in your head.

Family companies such as Mason’s are deeply rooted in tradition and their purpose is to bring Italian style to an international, very demanding generation. Deeply tied to Italian artisanship, Tosconova represents the other way round of the fashion for furniture wording and the design counterpart of Mason’s. Both companies are somehow Italian artisans, the tailors of the made in Italy and successfully intertwine their knowledge.

The eternal luxury of certain Italian historical locations talk about how important any chosen location is for a brand presenting itself through it. Mason’s has definitely incorporated this way of conceiving its own spaces and its concept stores are inspired by the classicism of a fresco and plaster statues, to the extent of transforming furniture into a work of art. Mason’s has chosen pieces of furniture such as Lady armchair by Tosconova and Charlotte floor lamp, the perfect blend between modern design and the most iconic classic style – the tripod base of the lamp clearly recalls artists’ easels.

But as any successful collaboration, it does not end here. In fact, once again Mason’s choses the pieces of furniture by Tosconova as part of the perfect Italian setting for the representative images of the company. Customized furniture such as Dave sofa with Siena upholstery and two different versions of Teo small table – one enriched with black Marquinia marble top and the other with a see-through glass top – are part of a sophisticated setting where elegance leads the way. The aesthetic fil-rouge is guaranteed by Mason’s favorite furniture by Tosconova: Charlotte floor lamp and a super original version of Lady armchair realized in light blue and yellow Giotto velvet, a color detail that lights up the whole space.

Close collaboration, then. And way before that, a recognizing each other among a multitude of brands and companies, to keep telling the story of the successful partnership between fashion and furniture, held fast together by Italian style.

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