About Tosconova

For the F/W 24 season and beyond: the new Mason’s collection is as timeless as Tosconova’s design.

There's a subtle red thread that binds the winter sea, Mason's clothing, and Tosconova design, and that thread is suspended time. Tosconova and Mason’s have collaborated for many years on fashion and design projects where one world enhances the other in perfect balance.
Masons Tosconova Aprile 03

On one side, Mason’s, a fashion brand, enhances the aesthetic side of Tosconova’s furnishings, presenting them as always-in-trend design elements. On the other, Tosconova, a design company, exalts the fashion company’s artisanal approach, showcasing Mason’s clothes as high-quality products to wear, meant to last forever, beyond the seasonal trends. For the products of these two realities, time simply seems to have stopped, and isn’t this the exact feeling we experience staring at the winter sea? Maybe this is the reason why Mason’s presents its Fall/Winter 2024 collection in front of the charming sea landscape of Castiglioncello, located in Tuscany. It should now be obvious and maybe a bit repetitive -however, we confide in you that we will never tire of telling it- that the Tuscan region is a constant in Tosconova’s life and Mason’s too, as it is a fundamental part of both their identities.

The new clothing collection blends high-quality materials and pleasant yet iconic lines with the idea of dressing people’s daily lives, prioritizing the usage experience, sensations, and therefore, comfort, while featuring the color palette inspired by Tuscan nature. This coincides with the life purpose of Tosconova, by the way: just switch the start of the previous sentences with ‘Tosconova’s furniture’.


In this shoot, high-tailored clothes characterized by soft shades and unique design blend with furniture that is highly curated too, comfortable, and aesthetically distinct from any other furniture. Tosconova has recreated a minimal living room that leaves all aesthetic responsibility to the marine landscape outside – can you blame us? – becoming the perfect complement and completion as well: the Poiana fabric that covers the Vivi armchair represents the sand we don’t step on in these images, while the extra-clear glass of the Aldo small table reflects the sun rays romantically, just as the seas does.

For this project, Tosconova also utilized the beautiful fabrics by Dedar, selecting the sophisticated jacquard-patterned model Chérie as the upholstery for the Kora armchair and the Forty stool. Though we may be immersed in the authentic marine landscape of Castiglioncello, we still view it from the vantage point of an elegant and refined villa, highlighting a crucial aspect for both Tosconova and Mason’s: exclusivity and beauty are not variables but integral components of the entire experience.

Masons Tosconova Aprile 05

Mason’s and Tosconova’s worlds are indeed interchangeable: from the love for the territory to the meticulous attention to detail, everything fits together perfectly. And when these two worlds intersect and merge, their shared vision becomes even stronger, showcasing the versatility of Made in Italy. The two companies genuinely share the same values and purposes, albeit taking two different yet parallel paths with the final product: furniture on one side and clothing on the other.
This is why collaborating with Mason’s is always a beautiful adventure for us.