Hotel Florence luxury suites

Florence Luxury Suites
 proposes an intimate and suggestive reality with spaces equipped with prestigious furniture, guarantee of the highest comfort and relax. Modernity and research of prestigious materials characterize the rooms in the structure, carefully studied by LID Studio and enriched through furniture by Tosconova.

The restructuring project of Florence Luxury Suites comes from the ambition of forward-looking, careful , clients who deeply know the real-estate market in Florence, wishing to give new life to spaces now disused but with an enormous potential from the commercial point of view.

The intent has always been that of realizing a luxurious B&B able to leave its mark and to be appreciated not only for the care reserved to details and building solutions, but mainly for the quality and the attention devoted to wellness and the guests’ needs.

Located inside an elegant stately home, Florence Luxury Suites is in a strategic position in the town, very near Santa Maria Novella Railway Station and the Historical Centre.


A complete project coming from LID Studio’s expert hands.

Architects Giulio Innocenti and Massimiliano Lunardi have told their experience in cooperation with Tosconova: Giulio Innocenti: “We met Tosconova in 2015 during a job for a hosting business in the heart of Florence ” The Florence Luxury Suites.

Massimiliano Lunardi: “ It was a very particular job, a complete restructuring of a hosting business showing very clear needs . Those of entering inside an important market segment, that is to say luxury category. Right from the start with Tosconova we have started working on the project development and all its details which are the things making the real difference in our activity .”

Giulio Innocenti: “With Tosconova, the relationship has always been good, we have found a great open-mindedness, as far as customization is concerned, of course besides the infinite choice of clothes and the uncountable possibilities we have to personalize in detail any kind of furnishing , we think they are always very careful in meeting the professionals’ demand.”

Massimiliano Lunardi: “With Tosconova the cooperation has then gone on since it is a company – as I like to underline – equipped with strong values, and I say this with no fear to be rhetorical . It is a company where right from its start there are real people, good positive people, with whom the development of projects becomes a pleasure together with cooperation and the will to realize the project we have with great satisfaction . It is a cooperation which has given very good results in the course of time and working with the whole staff is always a pleasure. We are really proud in affirming that we cooperate with Tosconova.”


prestigious project with an international breath, where spaces are exploited at their best and whose architectonic language , formal and classic inspired , dialogues with prestigious materials and unusual distributive solutions . A sartorial intervention, carefully followed from the concept to the realization of furnishing and finishing .

A unique common thread starting from the rigour of a palace dating back to the first year of 20th century up to the interpretation – in a modern key – of a style which is never granted and is full of warmth.


The synergy between a good project and the experience and passion for care in realizing furnishing – of the level as Tosconova has – are the real strong points of this realization.

contemporary furnishing planned around the definition of design, identified in the comfortable and imposing padded headboard enlivened with bands. The structure is sustained by the solid low geometrical legs made in wood , supporting the bed and giving it stability and solidity . To this we have to add many small details of style, such as the choice of the cushions ‘ clothes, the delicate metal details of the nightstands, the desks and the consolles and finally the lamps’ finishing conferring a impeccable style to the whole setting.

Thanks to these ingredients no matter what the duration and the purpose of the stay is, Florence Luxury Suite will be the perfect location to go on living , even in the most intimate moments , the magic and the emotions that only Florence is able to give its visitors.

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