About Tosconova

Interior design with an extra gear

Interior design with an extra gear: is it just the umpteenth catchphrase or is there something real and practical hidden behind it? The world of interior design is a multi-faceted, complex one where different experts team up to create the most gorgeous artworks. Sometimes, only collaborations can really lead to very special results, the ones Tosconova aims at thanks to a feather in the cap: the Design Laboratory (TDLab), where a team of experts such as engineers, architects and graphic designers take care of every single aspect of a project, from design to realization.

Tosconova believes that the real goal is to create a harmonious blend of creativity and technique thanks to a common language spoken by the whole team. The uniqueness of each project comes from listening to the personal needs of a client, so that an inspiration finds its way to the design of piece of furniture or accessorize. The TDlab focuses on developing new designs and products that enter Tosconova collections, all of them profiting from an accurate R&D work, i.e. a meticulous research for materials, colors and new fabrics.

Customization is another key concept and working close to the client becomes what makes the real difference, especially during the design phase and in order to turn it into a concrete reality. In fact, it allows to create the ultimate tailor-made project featuring custom furniture such as kitchens, wardrobes or bookcases. Specifically, during the design phase the TDlab technical staff is there to offer a selection of the best possible, customized solutions.

Thus, Tosconova’s extra gear is exactly the TDlab, i.e. to have an internal design department at the service of both the company and professionals. Examples of its concrete value are some interesting case studies of very happy, successful collaborations. It ranges from planning wine cellars, i.e. projects where design, furniture and colors make all the difference, to a grand hotel restyling featuring a shared perception of iconic beauty, to how a close cooperation between the TDlab and passionate clients has led to stunning luxury suites in Tuscany.

There are hundreds of different approaches to interior design and as many products out there. That’s exactly the reason why an extra gear is needed: to customize a piece of furniture right from the design phase and then through all the next steps, taking into consideration the tiniest needs and wishes and finally get to the most gorgeous, really unique design artwork.