About Tosconova

Modular sofa: endless possibilities

A modular sofa is an increasingly frequent choice when talking about luxury interiors, basically because it reflects a new approach to life featuring endless possibilities. That’s pretty simple: the freedom to actually, completely customize the aesthetics of an ambience has become vital. In fact, it makes it possible to create a connection with pieces of furniture that are only yours, perfect for your special place and therefore surrounded by beauty.

Tosconova has embraced and worked on this approach to furniture and aesthetics for years, way before it became a must in high-end design. The ultimate Moritz modular sofa by Tosconova actually creates endless possibilities when it comes to home décor. It features a wide range of accessories, such as chaise longue, elements of different sizes, poufs and corner elements. Thus, any possible space can be enriched by a unique solutions that fit in it perfectly.

And it is not only about modularity. Giotto velvet upholstery surely creates a classy, sophisticated version of Moritz sofa and even that one solution can be declined in no less than 33 incredible colors. But let’s say the sofa upholstery options cover all the fabrics available in the Tosconova catalogue, all resulting from a thorough style and quality research and collaborations with Italian artisans: it definitely comes very close to the above-mentioned endless possibility approach.


The characteristics of Moritz sofa, for example the lasting, embracing comfort or the armrest detail that makes it standing out in any ambience, both modern and classic, can find their style counterpoint in pieces of furniture and accessorizes equally unique. Tosconova, that always works arm in arm with their clients, has designed an ensemble of furniture you can choose among and that is totally customizable.

In front of the sofa, the black-lacquered Milano small table completes the ambience and enlightens it thanks to the most elegant glass top. The ultimate details are surely the side-sofa Brass small tables, with lead finishes and a black glossy top, fitting together for an unusual, super interesting aesthetics. As a touch of total black really never goes out of fashion, the Milano sideboard gets very eye-catching also thanks to the lead handles coordinated with SP 190 mirror’s frame. The above-mention armrest details of Moritz sofa are illuminated by an essential slender accessorize that somehow lifts the whole ambience aesthetics: Nelly floor lamp in satin brass. Finally, each and all the details in such a beautiful room are kept together by pure hand-tufted bamboo silk TT05 rug, born to make the difference.

Is that all? Well, not quite. The neutral palette dressing up the whole room is the most classy one. Nevertheless, endless possibilities and combinations are again what Tosconova wants the clients to be inspired by.