Neutral and sophisticated

Brown tone is the star of the show in this beautiful living room, which features soft and different tones of colors. The Figaro sofa, upholstered with our Gubbio fabric, become the master piece with the golden Zeno floor lamps on hos sides. The metal dark Brass base of the Figaro also adds a precious detail that’s make the room more sophisticated and the Square small table complete the scenery with his wood top.


The Figaro is a classically beautiful piece of iconic furniture. This timeless classic sofa has a low as well as comfortable capitonné backrest. The base embraces the elegant seat and large cushions. The style is indeed unique and sophisticated, especially for its base in Dark brass Satin Burnished finish, which is perfect in this mood.


Tosconova is full of fresh projects. Design and material teams worked closely together to create the brand new fabric collection 2021, a collection entirely designed and developed internally, outsourcing only Italian best-in-class manufacturers. We do care about keeping our production chain 100% made in Italy, allowing us a close eye on sustainable sourcing and production. This approach creates undoubted quality. After that, we worked on selecting only the most beautiful and pleasurable textures, the ones that satisfy both sigh and touch. This approach created undoubted luxury.


The Zeno floor lamp is a brand new piece designed with geometric as well as classic lines inspirations. The style is indeed unique and sophisticated, especially for its body in galvanic metal finish. The galvanic finish can be customized according to your very personal need, too. We add a splash of personality to an otherwise neutral Living room with a bright and shiny accessorize. The Zeno floor lamp is, in fact, presented in a Satin Brass finish, which is a perfect match with the Figaro sofa. Warm and sophisticated, this finish is a wonderful tone with a satin effect that will add a touch of luxury to your living.


The Square small table has a beautiful clean expression, clearly inspired by geometric elegant shapes. With a modern and sophisticated design, this table features a metal structure that sustains a unique top available in glass or marble. For the structure, we chose the Dark Brass Satin Burnished finish, a wonderfully warm tone. The wood top is painted in Dark Brass Matt Delabrè Burnished finish, also available in different colors

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