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New Tosconova Paul bed: focusing on elegance and high comfort

If it's true that the bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom, then selecting the bed's style is the crucial first step in designing this space.

As a natural consequence, an essential yet relaxing bedroom will host a highly comfortable bed, with a linear yet unique and distinctive style: we are excited to present you the new Tosconova Paul bed!

This latest addition introduces a new style to Tosconova’s bed collection, offering a design element that perfectly balances minimalism with a striking presence. Of course, comfort is not compromised. When a piece of furniture passes through the hands of a Tosconova artisan, care and quality are always a given.

Since fabrics are a key decorative solution, the Paul bed showcases the beauty of the Gubbio fabric with its padded base. This adds a significant touch of color and elegance to the room. The fabric is also notable for its deep softness. Although it doesn’t cover an area where one would lie down, its comfortable appearance enhances the relaxing appeal of the entire piece of furniture. After all, isn’t relaxation the primary focus of any bedroom? The wide structure touches the ground, directly connecting the floor to the bed for a compact design—The feet of the bed are equally minimalistic. Allow us to offer some advice: place a wide rug in the same color as the Paul bed’s upholstery beneath the bed to achieve an even more elegant and uniform effect!


As mentioned earlier, this new bed strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and a striking presence, which is why designing the headboard requires extensive study. The headboard is a crucial stylistic element of any bed. Even its absence can contribute to a minimalist aesthetic—however, this option is not considered by Tosconova, as it would significantly compromise comfort according to their design philosophy. The shape of the headboard greatly influences the overall look of the room. The result is a linear and elegant headboard, padded to add both volume and a soft, rounded feel that enhances user comfort. The delicate texture further softens the typical majesty of this specific element, maintaining both style and distinction

The final piece of advice for an elegant bedroom, according to Tosconova, is to maintain this minimalist trend by selecting the furniture for the entire room. The Brass sideboards in their Slim version, along with the Club desk, preserve a light yet formal look, while the natural materials in the finishings contribute to a serene color palette. Meanwhile, the ‘comfort’ essence of the space is continued with the Nora chair and the Cubotto pouf in the Maiori fabric version. By now, you should know that Tosconova provides an entire range of furniture for the bedroom, including a selection of lights and lamps. In this bedroom, the nickel finish of the Nelly joint table lamp and the two Zeno directional appliqués look simply perfect!

Discover the new Paul bed and design the most relaxing space for your rest.