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Rounded shapes of harmony design

Positive vibes in home décor solutions Round shapes are key elements of home décor. This is because they are carriers of messages of harmony and protection and convey a sense of gentle movement to design solutions. Soothing, positive vibes are the added value of Tosconova round pieces of furniture, creating what may be called harmony design.

The concept of harmony may be perceived differently from one person to another. The Zoe Canaletto round table is the ultimate tailor-made piece of furniture, which style varies according to the chosen finishing. Round shapes of the Zoe table can be described as chameleon-like: you can choose wooden legs made of Canaletto solid walnut wood, maybe in a natural color enhancing its grain, and a glass or marble tabletop for a more idyllic aesthetics; or you might be intrigued by a design solution, with a lacquered base – glossy or matt; black, white or any other available color among Tosconova finishes – and glass top; maybe a wooden top is actually what could give that natural touch to your ambience. In any case, it all revolves around a tailor-made, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, with round elegant shapes that create home harmony. Finally, the same tailor-made approach is obviously guaranteed by Tosconova as per the Forty Canaletto chairs surrounding the table, enriched by a stylish fabric back.


Harmonious circle and oval shapes give Charlotte floor lamp that vintage look, maybe the most iconic piece among all Tosconova vintage lamps. In fact, the shade is made of metal rather than fabric, thus harnessing light and creating a clear-cut light cone hitting the same lamp silhouette. Charlotte floor lamp sophisticated design is the result of the so-called Tosconova Design Laboratory (TDLab), a hub of Tosconova design departments carrying out a thorough research and development job for home décor solutions.


TT12 rug is apparently the only exception to rounded shapes, but it ensures the same sense of gentle movement thanks to the marble-natural-veining-like pattern. The embossed, smooth part of the pattern highlights the lowered marble veining of this super-exclusive, hand-knotted piece. And given that harmony is, as already said, a matter of degrees, the rug size can be customized according to what fits your favorite home space.


The ultimate round shape is Tosconova Moon chandelier, in name and in fact. Harmony often lies in minimal design, where aesthetics aligns with the right measure of details. That is deeply true when you look at the versatile, clean, precious silhouette of Moon chandelier. Its brass circle recalls all the other rounded shapes in the ambience, with no beginning or end, ultimately representing life and the lifecycle.

Tosconova approach to design is definitely meant to take care of home décor holistically. It all revolves around creating harmonious home spaces and not only single, refined pieces. Thus coming full circle.