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Seaside furniture: the Tosconova Capsule Collection

Soft lines, exclusive materials, and precise shades not only help create a luxurious environment that caters to our tastes but also evoke powerful sensations, such as the serenity of the sea and the vibrancy of the summer season. The Tosconova seaside capsule collection for 2023 draws inspiration from this precise blend of positive emotions, coming to life aboard a yacht, the most exclusive expression of the experience of the sea.

The new collection consists of theVivi armchair, theMatisse table lamp, and theForty-Two chair. These pieces of furniture have been revisited to evoke the marine nature and summer atmospheres, immersing us in diverse yet extremely classy environments, in the unmistakable Tosconova style.

Iconic shapes and customizable options represent the ingredients that take these design elements from the mainland to the dimension of the sea.

Every detail of the elegant Vivi armchair contributes to create a sophisticated look suspended in time, evoking the sensation of gently floating among waves.

Its Canaletto natural wooden structure, enhanced with brass details, meets theYoung and Lovely fabric by Dedar, historical brand of Made in Italy.

Young and Lovely, in panama and jacquard, is designed for the outdoor and available in several shades and patterns. For this occasion, Tosconova chose a delicate blu version enlivened by geometrical particulars: a clear reference to the sea and the vitality of summer, according to Tosconova.

The Matisse table lamp was born from the collaboration between Tosconova and Cermiche Pecchioli, precious hand-painted ceramics, icons of Made in Italy design and Italian heritage as well. Matisse is made of a lampshade in natural linen and a body in ceramic characterized by sinuouns lines that remember the waves of the sea. Tosconova customized this lamp with the mandarin color, a shade that has always been associated with energy, the warmth of the sun, joy, and strength. This color contributes to making the entire environment much more vibrant.

Also, the Forty-Two chair features Dedar fabrics, particularly Domino: a simple fabric in its texture and elegant in its composition.

Forty-Two keeps a delicate and classy style, also thanks to its opaque lacquered structure in chalk color, and perfectly suits the elegant and precious context that Tosconova represents. This chair is also a versatile design element, perfect for both outdoor and indoor environments, that enhances the sea landscape when we are at the open-air and contributes to evoke it when in an inside space.

The seaside capsule collection for 2023 by Tosconova takes summer and marine nature into a classy and elegant world. A special one, suspended in time, colored with delicate shades as blue and vibrant as well as the energy of the sun, characterized by sinuous lines and high quality level materials.

A precious collection where the unique Tosconova style meets the joy and the peacefulness of the beautiful season.