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Sofa beds by Tosconova: the five-star Italian hospitality

If true Italian hospitality were a piece of furniture, it would undoubtedly be a sofa bed. But not just any sofa bed; it would be a fine and elegant sofa that transforms into a luxurious and highly comfortable bed when necessary, just like a Tosconova sofa bed.
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The company offers three models: Ritz, Moritz, and River, each different in design and size but not in performance. In Italy, hospitality is not taken lightly: regardless of whether the notice is short or long, guests must feel welcomed and comfortable as if they were in their own homes. At the same time, hosts must be prepared to accommodate their friends and family with the highest level of care. This is why Tosconova doesn’t consider sofa beds as space-saving furniture or quick fixes. Instead, they are seen as true pieces of furniture that, beyond all, can transform depending on use and necessity, and consequently, change the purpose of spaces.

When designing its sofabeds, Tosconova makes no compromises between design, comfort, and practicality. Everything must reach a five-star standard, literally, we would say: over the years, Tosconova has frequently worked in the hospitality sector, studying and developing high-level solutions that could accommodate guests from all over the world, from both comfort and design points of view.


Tosconova’s sofa beds are equipped with a two-fold base and a 12 cm high mattress, ensuring high-quality sleep while also offering a truly comfortable seat when used as a sofa. The folding and unfolding system is designed to be quick and easy, requiring just one hand to transform the sofa into a bed and vice versa. Additionally, during the transformation, the seat cushions remain attached to the base and slide under the structure, eliminating the need to find an alternate place for them. We told you hospitality is a big deal in Italy!

Over the years, if you have come to know Tosconova even a little, you’ll understand that aesthetics play a fundamental role in all its products, including sofa beds. This is what we mean when we say Tosconova makes no compromises.

Each Tosconova sofa bed is designed to add elegance to the space, even when unfolded as a bed in a room not primarily meant for that purpose. Indeed, this is the true strength of Tosconova’s sofa beds: the modern, essential, yet elegant lines of the sofa are preserved even in its bed form, maintaining alive the ‘common thread’ among the entire suite of furniture.

Materials are part of the design as well as the whole night experience: Tosconova’s sofa beds are available in various upholsteries, blending beauty with pleasurable textures, allowing you to find the perfect aesthetic synthesis between the sofa bed and the rest of the furniture.

The entire experience forms the foundation of any quality furniture, at least in Tosconova’s view. A bed is truly high-level when it not only ensures the quality of sleep but also enhances the aesthetics of the room. Beauty goes hand in hand with sensation and practicality, especially in transformable design, just as with Tosconova’s five-star sofa beds.